The first Saturday in September each year is International Vulture Awareness Day

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Vultures are an ecologically vital group of birds that face a range of threats in many areas that they occur. Populations of many species are under pressure and some species are facing extinction.

The International Vulture Awareness Day has grown from Vulture Awareness Days run by the Birds of Prey Programme in South Africa and the Hawk Conservancy Trust in England, who decided to work together and expand the initiative into an international event.

It is now recognised that a co-ordinated international day will publicise the conservation of vultures to a wider audience and highlight the important work being carried out by the world’s vulture conservationists.

On the first Saturday in September, the aim is for each participating organisation to carry out their own activities that highlight vulture conservation and awareness. This website, established in July 2009, provides a central place for all participants to outline these activities and see the extent of vulture conservation across the world

Additionally this webpage is a valuable resource for vulture workers to learn about the activities of their colleagues and to perhaps develop new collaborations or exchange information.

But you don't have to be a zoo, bird park or conservation organisation to become involved. Our Awareness Day WikiSpace, with space for participation as well as important resources is open to everyone. Take a look at how you can become involved.

Organisations participating in 2013

Action & Research for Conservation in Himalayas, Dehradun, India
African Lion Safari, Canada
Albuquerque BioPark Zoo, United States
Alula Falconry, United Kingdom
Animal Rescue Org, India
Annamiticus, United States
Apulia Region - Osservatorio Faunistico Regionale (Wildlife Rehabilitation & Breeding Center) (Bitet, Italy
Arulagam, India
Asociation Trenca, Spain
Association for Social Development (ASDINDIA), India
Attica Zoological Park, Greece
Audubon Society of Portland, United States
Bangladesh Forest Department, Bangladesh
Banham Zoo (Zoological Society of East Anglia), United Kingdom
Batumi Raptor Count, Georgia
Bear Hollow Wildlife Trail, United States
Bearded Vulture Task Force, Maluti Drakensberg Vulture Project, South Africa
Bhaktapur Multiple Campus, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Bhoomithrasena Club, Christian College, Chengannur, Kerala., India
Bird Conservation Nepal, Nepal
Bird Conservation Society-Gujarat-vulturecell, India
Birds of Prey Protection Fondation Belgrade - Fondacija za zaštitu ptica grabljivica, Serbia
Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park, United Kingdom
Bombay Natural History Society, India
Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds/BirdLife Bulgaria, Bulgaria
Buttonwood Park Zoo, United States
Carolina Raptor Center, United States, France
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, United States
Chintimini Wildlife Center, United States
ctosnfq, Andorra
Dhartee Development Society, Pakistan
Diva, Cuba
dogkill, Estonia
drsdsl, Cyprus
dxsntt, Equatorial Guinea
Eagle Heights Wildlife Park, United Kingdom
eeisuzzl, Honduras
Endangered Species Coalition, United States
eqdmqxuhtm, Cote d'Ivoire
eqemzmn, Netherlands Antilles
Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, South Africa
faicdnaqhg, Virgin Islands: U.S.
Falconry uk, Thirsk birds of prey centre, United Kingdom
Faruk Yalcin Zoo, Türkiye
Faszination Geier, Germany
Florida Keys Wild Bird Center, United States
Fondo para el Refugio de las Hoces del Riaza, Spain
For the Love of Nature, United States
Forest Department, Jhansi, India
Forest Department, Lalitpur, India
Fort Wayne Children's Zoo, United States
fqstirfslmg, Moldova: Republic of
Friends of Blouberg - Vriende van Blouberg, South Africa
Fundación Rapaces de Costa Rica, Costa Rica
gauntlet bird of prey eagle and vulture park, United Kingdom
Geier Redaxion of Fachschaft Math/Physics/Computer Science at RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Golden Gate Raptor Observatory, United States
Greenville Zoo, United States
Gregory Wojtera, United States
GREPOM/BirdLife, Morocco
Gyps fulvus - Research-educational centre for the protection of Eurasian griffons and nature, Croatia
Hamerton Zoo Park, United Kingdom
Hawkins Falconry, United Kingdom
hbgjnh, Northern Mariana Islands
Heritage Park, Australia
High Desert Museum, United States
Himalayan Nature, Nepal
Horizon Wings, United States
Hot Air Ballooning SA, South Africa
International Centre for Birds of Prey, United Kingdom
iydwgxem, Latvia
Jennifer, Chad
jivdaya cheritable trust, India
jmsuaepq, Solomon Islands
khonylpzv, Australia
Kolmarden Wildlife Park, Sweden
kwtnpldvxyk, Thailand
led lights,
Les Aigles de Valmy, France
Little Rock Zoo, United States
lperrwwmt, Denmark
mehlfzbtd, Tonga
mibmqcx, Bouvet Island
Millets Farm Falconry Centre, United Kingdom
mlghqllu, Dominican Republic
Mountsberg Raptor Centre, Canada
Nature Environment & Wildlife Society, Odisha, India
NatureUganda, Uganda
New York State Zoo, United States
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NIKELA, United States
Noahs Ark Zoo Farm, United Kingdom
Nxbsafaq, Israel
Nyoka Ridge Vulture Restaurant WESSA, South Africa
O Parks, Wildlife, and Recreation, Nicaragua
oadvbtzp, Papua New Guinea
oehoqtx, United Arab Emirates
Office National des Forêts " Espace Rambouillet ", France
OHIAS, United States
ojzbipgbfda, Jordan
Oregon Coast Aquarium, United States
ozqpufdmeg, Cayman Islands
Paget high school, United Kingdom
Parc zoologique de La Barben, France
pflbwhf, Kazakhstan
pnfbmsx, Mali
professor prem raj pushpakaran - National Institute of Technology Calicut, India
Raptor Education Foundation, United States
raptor experience wales, United Kingdom
Raptors Are The Solution, United States
Riserva naturale del Lago di Cornino, Italy
Riverbanks Zoo & Garden, United States
rnkkxhjck, Mauritania
rnkkxhjck, Mauritania
RSPB, United Kingdom
RSPB Scotland, United Kingdom
RSPB Scotland, United Kingdom
Ruby Cogan, Australia
Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra, India
Saint Louis Zoo, United States
Salim ali nature club, India
Samog Eng, South Africa
Secret Woods Nature Center, United States
sjynvmnpi, Germany
Society for Mahseer Conservancy, India
Sondela Nature Reserve, South Africa
South Lakes Wild Animal Park, United Kingdom
St. Augustine Aligator Farm, United States
sUAS News, South Africa
Sulphur Creek Nature Center, United States
Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo, United States
Team for Creating Awareness for Vulture Conservation; BNHS, India
Thar Desert ecological society (SOS-Save Vulture Community), India
The National Aviary, United States
The Parahawking Project, Nepal
The Peregrine Fund's World Center for Birds of Prey, United States
The Protection & Conservation Community, India
Tracy Aviary, United States
Travis Audubon, United States
TreeHouse Wildlife Center, Inc., United States
Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife and Falconry Centre, United Kingdom
Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife and Falconry Centre, United Kingdom
Tunisia Living Heritage, Tunisia
Tunisia Wildlife Conservation Society, Tunisia
ukkizwg, Bouvet Island
UNEP/CMS Raptors MoU, United Arab Emirates
University of Lucknow, India
uzxqye, United Kingdom
Vermont Institute of Natural Science, United States
vmofhptj, Mexico
vubomfd, Georgia
Vulture Conservation Foundation (VCF), Switzerland
Vulture Conservation Initiative (Geierschutzinitiative, GESI), Germany
Vultures Namibia, Namibia
Vultures Namibia, Namibia
vzsrgj, Mexico
WARD foundation India (Wild life Conservation and Agro-Rural Development Foundation) /IVSA (Internat, India
wcojhdcnq, Gibraltar
wdfsoo, Burundi
wildlife heritage conservation society, India
Wildlife Prairie Park, United States
Witsieshoek Mountain Lodge, South Africa
wlogarvjork, Zambia
Woodland Park Zoo, United States
World Bird Sanctuary, United States
xcnrcsbpr, Iran: Islamic Republic of
Xdvmpftk, Sudan
xeuhvgagokg, Lithuania
xgcluloia, Tanzania: United Republic of
xuvfstgxxh, Taiwan: Province of China
yedkpnwloq, French Southern Territories
ywgfolz, Kazakhstan
ZOO a zamek Zlin - Lesna, Czech Republic
Zoo Atlanta, United States
Zoo Miami, United States
Zoo News Digest, United Arab Emirates
Zoobotánico de Jerez, Spain
Zoological Society of London, United Kingdom

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