International Vulture Awareness Day - Saturday 3 September 2016

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Thirsk Birds of Prey Centre

CountryUnited Kingdom
Activities on the dayTo mark the International Vulture Awareness Day this year we are going to introduce a 4th flying display. We will be doing our usual 11.30 13.30 and 15.30 displays (five different birds in each display) and at 14.45 we will be doing a 7 bird Vulture display finishing with a Vulture feeding session, this display will include Vultures from all around the world. We will also be holding a raffle, colouring competition and a donation/collection in aid of Vulpro. Come along and support these Vultures as many Vulture species will be classed as extinct in the wild very soon if aid is not available. we are waiting for confirmation from a few other supporters when we have confirmation of attendance we will advertise them here.
ContactKerry Badgery

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