Who is celebrating International Vulture Awareness Day?

Below are all the organisations who have registered through this website to let people know that they will be celebrating vultures this International Vulture Awareness Day on Saturday 4 September 2021.

Albanian Ornithological Society (AOS), Albania – Young Ambassadors – Awareness performance for Egyptian Vulture in the old town of Gjirokastra. September 4, from 18:00 until 21:00.

Albuquerque BioPark, USA – A keeper talk about the plight of vultures; docent led discovery stations for African vultures and Andean Condors; a Beauty Contest between our zoo’s four vulture species (each vote is a pledge by our visitors; i.e. something they can do to help our environment) and we will be handing out some coloring pages, word searches, and templates for making a vulture at home.

American Eagle Foundation, USA – Endangered Wings returns this year with an emphasis on our local vulture species. Our community will learn how to be a #voiceforvultures through educational videos, digital coursework, and infographics on our digital platforms throughout the month. Our big event will be a family program at our local library attended by George (george_the_vulture) and Bash (bashthevulture), our Instagram-famous vultures. This event will be live-streamed on Facebook for those who cannot attend in person.

AMUS-Acción por el Mundo Salvaje, Spain – Releasing of rehabilitated vultures from the Wildlife Rescue Hospital of AMUS in the municipalities of Oliva de la Frontera and in Valencia del Mombuey, where it will be also inaugurated the new trail and vultures´ visitor centre.

APAB Ltd, United Kingdom – Our Hooded Vulture makes regular appearances in our bird displays and we educate our audiences about current conservation concerns in relation to all vulture species as well as their importance to humans and their ecosystems. We have decided to do a ‘Save our Scavengers’ event, starting on Vulture awareness day and this will continue for a further six days. Throughout those seven days we will be collecting donations for charity and handing out badges and activity packs to the public.

Arulagam, India – This is vulture speaking – Opening of Awareness board with multilingual audio information at Government museum, Udhagamandalam, The NnIlgiris , Tamil Nadu, India.

Bharat Scout and Guide Uttar Pradesh Lalitpur, India – Organize an awareness campaign with college Rover’s ; Use many Social Media Platform for aware campaign. Protect Vultures nest in their natural Habitat.

Biodiversity and Environmental Sustainability (BEST), India – Conducting Online survey of Vultures of India (August 19- September 03 2021), organizing Painting Competition to raise environmental awareness among youth and Indian masses. Its an online event and running it through Facebook page of BEST https://fb.me/e/48RMgwcek.

Bird Conservation Nepal, Nepal – National Vulture count – Baseline database of vulture population based on a single day monitoring in same time interval throughout the country. Dissemination of vulture conservation and awareness message through different Local Conservation Group and virtual medium.

Bird conservation society Gujarat, India – Awareness programme for ground level volunteers.

Bird Education Society, Nepal – Bird Education Society will conduct vulture survey in Chitwan.

Birdlife South Africa, South Africa – BirdLife South Africa will declare Lapalala Wilderness, a 48,000 ha reserve in South Africa’s Limpopo Province, as a Vulture Safe Zone on International Vulture Awareness Day.

Birds of Prey Protection Foundation, Serbia – The Birds of Prey Protection Foundation from Belgrade in cooperation with “Special Nature Reserve Uvac”, this year marks the International Vulture Awareness Day on the September 4th and 5th in Uvac Reserve. We are planning a tour of the Uvac reserve, observing a colony of Griffon Vultures. The main event is the releasing of 4 Griffon Vultures who were recovering on Uvac and in the canyon of the river Tresnjica.

Bird of Prey Protection Society, Bulgaria – On 4th September 2021 the Birds of Prey Protection Society (BPPS) organize a observation on Griffon and Cinereous vultures in the northern parts of the Vrachanski Balkan Nature Park (VBNP). The Griffon vulture was restored as a breeding species in this region thanks to the efforts of VBNP and some NGOs – Green Balkans, Wild Flora and Fauna Foundation and BPPS which have been working on various projects since 2004. The Cinereous vultures were first released in the VBNP during 2020 – 2021.

Blackland Prairie Raptor Center, USA – First Saturday – International Vulture Awareness Day 9 am – 12 pm CST. Kids activities and raptor program at 10 am focusing on vultures.

Cameron Park Zoo, USA – Free vulture-themed scavenger hunt, keeper talks/carcass feeds, wingspan activity, bio facts, social media.

Cascades Raptor Center, USA – Nature Center will be holding a day to celebrate and educate about vultures and their awesomeness.

Castlewood Canyon State Park, USA – Vultures around the world information, specific information on the park’s turkey vulture population, learning through games and crafts.

Christine Elder Artist, Online – Vulture education and sketching webinar. Join naturalist and artist Christine Elder for a free, live, online event in celebration of International Vulture Awareness Day happening on Sunday, September 5th from 10:00-11:45 AM PDT). In this workshop, you’ll learn fascinating facts about vulture species of Eurasia and the Americas as well as learning about their biology, behavior, anatomy, and conservation. Finally, you’ll learn how to create a realistic drawing of the endangered Egyptian Vulture

The Corbett Foundation, India – The Corbett Foundation is organising a national webinar on the challenges of vulture conservation focussing on ecology and threats together. The speakers are from diverse backgrounds in ecology and veterinary care. The emphasis will be on secondary poisoning, identification, and rapid response apart from ecology. You can register for the webinar at here. (Meeting ID: 876 6189 3770
Passcode: 106750), 4th Sep 2021, 11 am – 1 pm.

Doon University, India – We have planned an event for our University students on September 4th, 2021. Which includes: 1. A 45-minute talk with Powerpoint presentations on “Introduction to Old World Vultures”, “Asian Vulture Crisis of the 1990s” and “Current Threats faced by Vulture Species’ and Conservation Challenges”. 2. An introductory Bird-Watching session for the participants in the University Campus. 3. A 30 minutes discussion including a Q&A session.

Elmwood Park Zoo, USA – Volunteers and educational stations will be present at the turkey vulture and eagle exhibits to share fun vulture facts and conservation messaging with guests from 10am to 4pm. At 11am there will be a live vulture training demonstration in the Zoo Bowl Theater, as well as a meet & greet where guests can say hi to our bird in the afternoon!

Environment Society of Oman, Oman – The Environment Society of Oman (ESO) will share two posts on their social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter). The first post will highlight footage captured by ESO field researchers during breeding surveys of a Lappet-faced Vulture chick learning how to fly. The second post will focus on how vultures are faced with extinction, briefly mentioning how we can all help vultures.

ENVIS Resource Partner, Wildlife Institute of India, India – Publishing of various infographics on Vultures and Vulture Conservation in India.

Erie Metroparks, USA – Learn about turkey vultures and the ecosystem services they provide as “nature’s clean-up crew”, and see them soaring and roosting at the Quarry.

Falconara Zoo, Italy – Social media and activities in person. Talk with the keeper to awareness of vulture.

Faszination Geier, Germany – Social media awareness, talking to as many people as possible about vultures, spreading the word and sharing the passion.

Fondo para el Refugio de las Hoces del Riaza, Spain – An article about a lot of new data about vultures, and a trip.

Friends of Blouberg, South Africa – Treasure hunt, Animal and plant ID.

Fundacion Condor Andino, Ecuador – Web talks, live educational event with trained vultures, also captive condor breeding program at Bioparque Amaru, Cuenca.

Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna, Bulgaria – On 4th September we will organize an observation of vultures on the feeding site near Kotel.

Funky Kids Radio/School Broadcasting Network In, Australia – Podcast time on Funky Kids Radio! Tune in to Funky Kids Radio for daily doses of great podcasts with excellent edutaining content each week for children that grownups enjoy too! For our VULTURE AWARENESS WEEK you can hear ornithologist Dr Gareth Tate, Manager Birds of Prey Program Endangered Wildlife Trust talk about this super important species! Podcasts are playing 3x per day 1st-5th Sept – see https://www.facebook.com/funkykidsradio for dates/times.

Gauntlet Birds of Prey Eagle and Vulture Park, UK – Fire pit BBQ, Carcass feed, Free flying displays throughout the day, Raffle, Kids activity packs.

GFFID, India – To spread awareness on GFFID’s social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin) and Email campaign, to government officials in Ministries (Central Govt. and State Govt Departments), Autonomous Bodies, Research Institutes, Corporates, Private Organisations, and Individuals.

Gold Country Wildlife Rescue, USA – Education and awareness on social media. We hope to do this in person next year.

Gram Panchayat Barangal, India – Poster Making Competition, Screening documentary on Vulture conservation, Talk on Vulture, People and Nature, Vulture watch and discussion with Local Community on establishing Vulture Restaurant.

Grand Parc du Puy du Fou, France – Presentation of the different species of vultures; awareness-raising time for the preservation of vultures organized at the end of “Le Bal des Oiseaux Fantômes” on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 13 august to 12 september 2021. Bracelets “Sauvons les Vautours” offered for sale at the end of “Le Bal des Oiseaux Fantômes” (support for various conservation programs); observation and awareness time offered to visitors to the Grand Parc du Puy du Fou.

Green Balkans, Bulgaria – On 5th September during the traditional brigade at the Pomorie Lake, we plan to learn more about vultures and their place in nature. Also, we will talk about vultures met in Bulgaria and what we can do to restore their population back to normal. It will be made as a presentation.

Green Balkans NGO And “Sinite kamani” Nature Park, Bulgaria – On 3rd September we will try to take you into the “Vulture World” with our information campaign and children activities. We plan to make a presentation with fun games in Sliven. We will be talking and then playing with interactive puzzles with images of vultures and finishing with a quiz.

Hawk Conservancy Trust, UK – We will be celebrating vultures with even more vultures in our fantastic flying demonstrations and plenty of other vulture-themed activities throughout the day. We will also have vulture themed products available from the shop and we’ll be fundraising for vital conservation work!

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, USA – 10-3 PM: Vulture-themed activities; 2 PM: Live vulture presentation. Hawk Mountain loves to observe, study, and learn about vulture species here and around the world. Join us in celebrating our winged clean-up crew with a live vulture presentation and program by Peggy Sue Hentz at 2 PM, vulture activities for children, and information on our own long-term research on this social, graceful, and incredibly sanitary scavenging raptor.

Himalayan Conservation Society, India – Awareness education activities with schools and villagers on Vulture conservation issues.

Himalayan Institute for Sustainable Environment and Research Society, India – This International Vulture Awareness Day, we have planned to release our new awareness material such as posters and T-shirts and an awareness program will be conducted in collaboration with Doon University where we will present our work on Vulture Conservation for the Research Scholars and Faculty Members of Doon University.

Hume Centre for Ecology and Wildlife Biology, India – A talk on Vulture Conservation challenges in South India, online poster campaign, publication of article.

Indian Biodiversity Conservation Society, India – Vulture related Awareness Activities for Government and Private Schools. Sharing of vulture reels and articles in English and Hindi on various social media platforms.

Individual from Tamil Nadu, India – In lieu of International Vulture Awareness Day, 2021 I am sharing information about History of vulture day, importance of vulture, threats faced by vulture, conservation and IUCN status of vulture through whatsApp group approximately 5000 members.

IUCN Bangladesh Country Office, Bangladesh – Vulture Day celebration webinar, live online Vulture watch from the Rema Vulture feeding station.

IUCN Pakistan, Pakistan – A gathering of key stakeholders in Vulture Conservation, i.e. Local Communities, Conservationists, Bird Lovers, Government Officials, Civil Society and Youth Groups. The activity will be held at Nagar Parkar which the last stronghold of vulture population. The activities include: Interactive Theatre Performance on Community based Vulture Conservation Theme; Tableaus Performances by Youth Groups; Speeches on the importance of vultures and discussion on IUCN Vulture Conservation Intiatives.

Jivdaya Charitable Trust, India – Awareness programme for ground level volunteers.

Kalahari Research and Conservation, Botswana – Small community based projects (Tsa-Tlholego conservation group made drawings and QHWEE-HGHHA conservation group made a paper Mache sculpture) to raise awareness for vultures as well as an interview with reporters for the two adult conservation groups.

Keystone State Park, USA – Vastly Vital Vultures-A vulture program that consists of vulture related games and activities.

K. K. Shah High school, India – A presentation and talk on “Vultures of Gujarat, Past and Present”.

Landgoed Hoenderdaell, Netherlands – The entire weekend we celebrate the existence of vultures. We want to raise awareness about vultures and their challenges in life and collect money to donate to a good vulture cause. There will be an info stand, tours along our vulture aviaries, games and a gift shop amongst other things.

Liberec Zoo, Czech Republic – The Day for Vultures will be celebrated in Liberec Zoo on Saturday 4th September and shall be filled with activities aiming to introduce vulture species kept in our zoo and raising awareness of their situation in wild. Visitors are welcome to try our Vulture Quiz or to join us for Commented Sessions with Vultures at 10 AM and at 3 PM by the aviaries of birds of prey or for lecture “Global Crisis of Vultures” by Ing. Jan Hanel, curator of birds, at 11 AM in the hall of ZooExpo pavilion.

Manav Organization, India – Organise an awareness campaign with school student; use many social media platform for aware campaign.

McGregor Museum & Kimberley Harriers, South Africa – A trail run on Dronfield Nature Reserve with all the proceeds going towards vulture conservation in the Kimberley area.

Nature Enthusiastic, Mozambique

Nature Kenya, Kenya – Nature Kenya will work with local community vulture conservation champions to develop short awareness creation videos to be published online and on social media. We will carry out bird watching with local community members in the Masai Mara Landscape. Share lessons on vulture conservation initiatives in Kenya in a global webinar organized by BirdLife International.

NC Aquariums, USA – Vulture stomachs, vulture craft, vulture baby matching, vulture wingspans and vulture focused programs.

Nepalese Ornithological Union, Nepal – Vulture counting in the different parts of Nepal, Talks programme on “Vulture Research, threats and Conservation efforts in Nepal”. Vulture awareness program at Kosi Bird Observatory – KBO.

North Carolina Zoo, USA – On September 4 we will have a vulture craft in Kidzone, our nature play area.

Oribi Vulture Viewing Hide, South Africa – Youth Vulture awareness educational tour Saturday 4th September 2021. Come see this resident wild colony of over 200 endangered breeding Cape Vultures. Experience this amazing, but much misunderstood, bird in it’s natural habit and learn all about it’s behaviour and the challenges it faces. Adult free when accompanied by a child under 16 years old. Spaces limited.

The Peregrine Fund, USA – Free Admission for bald guests at The Peregrine Fund’s World Center for Birds of Prey. Meet California Condors and Lucy the Turkey Vulture throughout the day. 11 AM Talk with Condor Propagation Specialists with our captive breeding program. Learn about our global efforts to study and conserve vultures. Vulture day continues on Sept 25th with our annual Condor release live streamed on The Peregrine Fund YouTube Channel. https://youtu.be/TrrtDmPkiLw

Pokhara Bird Society, Nepal – Due to the second variant of covid-19 in our region, only focus for Vulture Monitoring in Pokhara Valley and virtual interaction program with local stake holders and students.

Powering Young Initiatives, Zambia – Powering Young Initiatives will provide the awareness, information, and positive behaviour for change through the theater for life approach, by substantially reducing waste generation and ensuring that people have the relevant information for sustainable lifestyles.

Priroda Public Institution, Croatia – Open days free admission and tour of exhibitions, premiere of the video “Histra – a journey to the Pyrenees”, educational workshops PLAY AND LEARN “Who is who?” and “Flying in the 21st Century”, face paint for visitors “Playful nature”.

Puy du Fou, Espana, Spain – Awareness and education in vulture conservation.

QUERCUS A.N.C.N.Associação Nacional de Conservação da Natureza, Portugal – Releasing of rehabilitated vultures from the CERAS- Wildlife Rescue Hospital of QUERCUS in the district of Castelo Branco , where it will be also educational activities for nature and awareness.

Ray Roberts Lake State Park: Johnson Branch Unit, USA – Saturday. Activities related to vultures of the educational kind, Vulture Ambassador badges given to participants. A short hike to try and locate the star vulture “Hoppy” who has only one leg

Redbud Audubon Society, USA – Meeting and media education.

Rewilding Apennines, Italy – We are going to organize a public event via social media for local communities to sensitize them about the ecological importance of the vultures. In future we are planning an in person event with presentations, debates, a photographic exhibit made by a wildlife photographer, to screen a short animation carried out on purpose and to involve young people with some workshops, by using the downloadable materials available on this website.

Riserva Naturale del Lago di Cornino, Italy – Guided tours in the natural reserve; conferences on the situation of the Griffon Vulture in the Eastern Alps and conservation on vultures in the Parco Natura Viva and Alpenzoo; release of recovered birds in the area, including two Griffon Vultures.

Rotary,Wessa northern areas, BirdLife Harties, South Africa – Informal gathering of local members of the 3 organizations to celebrate the day.

Rotterdam Zoo, The Netherlands – Awareness on social media; webpage about our support to the Peregrine Fund; distribution of the coloring page.

RSPB, Online – Vulture articles on the Weather Channel India, other media outlets in India. Also together with Karnataka Vulture Trust & Karnataka Forest Department small scale (Covid limitations) visit to see Long-billed vultures. Also with NCF.

Santa Barbara Zoo, USA – Celebrate International Vulture Awareness Day at the Zoo with fun and educational activities about nature’s cleanup crew. Learn fun facts about local vulture species, including the California condor and turkey vulture (and see them both at the Zoo!), as well as several species of African vultures that are a part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ African Vulture SAFE (Saving Animals From Extinction) conservation program.

SAVE, India – Vulture articles on the Weather Channel India, other media outlets in India. Also together with Karnataka Vulture Trust & Karnataka Forest Department small scale (Covid limitations) visit to see Long-billed vultures. Also with NCF.

Save Vulture community, India – Celebrate vultures day and increase vultures education including feed stations information, conservation activities, and threats in Thar desert of Rajasthan India.

Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center, USA – A public event to celebrate vultures featuring vulture focused education stations, activities, and a vulture walk with our very own resident Turkey Vulture!

Society for Conservation of Historical and Ecological Resources, India – Our organization continue organizing field visits and e-workshop and online quizzes on the IVAD. This year we planned field visit with college students of Gapernath Mahadev valley of Chambal River, Kota (Rajasthan). We are also organising drawing competition among students at the same time.

SOS Savana-ONG, Benin – For this first edition in Benin we propose to: Characterize the 06 species of vultures of Benin; present the importance of the vulture through the theme: Vultures, allies of breeders: by presenting the different roles of the vulture in the environment through the video “Power animal: the vulture or Vulture shipwreck”; explain the threats weighing on these birds: by sharing the documentary film “The African vulture crisis”; install a food plot within the Ostrich Empire.

St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park, USA – Social media, in-person learning and take away activities.

Syrian Society for the Conservation of Wildlife (SSCW), Syria – Awareness activities for the locals and release of a juvenile Egyptian Vulture from captivity into the wild.

Tata Steel Ltd, India – Awareness session, quiz, movie for kids.

Thirsk Birds of Prey Centre, UK – We will be hosting our usual flying displays with extra vulture activities and demonstrations, vulture feeds and celebrity guests in attendance, Meet The Vets with Peter Wright from The Yorkshire Vet, Dominic Brunt aka Paddy from Emmerdale and Avian Vets.

Tracey Aviary, USA – Keeper talks, roaming encounters, conservation station.

Treehouse Wildlife Center, Inc, USA – Come visit our resident Turkey Vultures and learn about their important role in our ecosystem as “nature’s clean up crew”. Self guided tours around the facilities open daily. See owls, hawks, eagles, and of course our lovely turkey vultures, along with various small mammals and reptiles.

University of Lucknow, India – The capacity building workshop series for vulture conservation will be organized in the whole of Uttar Pradesh from 25 August to 10 September 2021 at the local community level. The native people, students, and women will be the main target audience for these workshops and training programs. The route mapping of vulture will be done by these workshops with the help of local people.

Unsocial Foundation, India – Visit to vulture habitat; Introduction to Vulture University – Jod Beer Vulture Reserve – A Short Note.

Ventana Wildlife Society, USA – Online auction Sept 4 – 12, with registration opening up four special zoom-chats throughout the week. Help us find all 23 Vulture Species! Find, photograph (with or without you/others in it), and post as many different species of vultures in your area as you can. Post them on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #ventanavultures, or email submissions to feathers@ventanaws.org. Don’t forget to tag @ventanawildlifesociety in your posts!

Vulture Conservation Foundation (VCF), Europe – Participate in a LIVE presentation and Q&A session with the Vulture Conservation Foundation’s (VCF) Director, José Tavares. You will learn why we need vultures, how vultures returned to Europe from the brink of extinction and what the VCF team is doing to conserve them. The VCF also prepared resources such as the ‘Vulture Scavenger Hunt’ for families to carry out and infographics for vulture fans to share and help raise awareness. You can find these on the ‘Downloads’ section of this website.

Wildbird Recovery, Inc., USA – Stormy Oaks Nature Conservancy, the home of Wildbird Recovery, Inc. will be hosting an Open House Celebration/Party for Arty on September 4, 2021 from 1 PM to 3 PM at 120 Forsythe Road, Valencia, PA 16059. On Sept. 4, on International Vulture Awareness Day, Wildbird Recovery will celebrate the grand opening of a permanent home for Artemis, “Arty,” the conservancy’s resident education turkey vulture. We will have activities to help learn about vultures!

Wilhema the Zoological and botanical Garden Stuttgart, Germany – Information stall, quiz, photo op.

Wings and Talons, USA – Join us in celebrating International Vulture Awareness Day for this free, drop-in event. Volunteers will be on-site with our resident ambassador vulture to answer questions and share their knowledge of this important species. A few of our other birds will also make an appearance during the event.

ZSEA Ltd (Banham Zoo), UK – Vulture flying display with educational commentary.

ZSEA Ltd (Africa Alive), UK – Social media posts.

ZSL London Zoo, UK – ZSL London Zoo will be running activities over the weekend to raise awareness. We will be doing a carcass feed and talk for our four Ruppell’s Griffon Vultures both days. Passionate keepers will use posters, pictures and videos to demonstrate the drastic decline of vultures. A contactless donation card machine will be next to the vulture enclosure to help raise funds.