Who is celebrating International Vulture Awareness Day?

Below are all the organisations and individuals who have registered through this website, and the countries they are from, to let people know that they will be celebrating vultures this International Vulture Awareness Day on Saturday 3 September 2022.

Albuquerque Biological Park, USA – African Vulture Discovery Station, pellet dissection, Check Your Wingspan, Smell Station, vote for your favourite vulture with a conservation message, trivia and quiz, Andean Condor Discovery Station, and crafts.

American Eagle Foundation, USA – Educational outreach focusing on “vulture virtues” both locally and abroad. Our social media vulture ambassadors, Bash and George, will drive awareness around the Asian and African vulture crises and host a livestream.

Attica Zoological Park, Greece – 11:30 & 14:00 – Birds in Flight presentation dedicated to vultures, 12:00 Arts and Crafts station with experiment demonstrating how strong the vulture stomach is, 13:15 Guided Tour at the four species of vultures hosted at our Park, stop at the Egyptian vulture to see how she breaks the egg.

Arulagam, India – Exposure trip for veterinary doctors and pharmacists to admire vultures, playing the (Snake) Ladder game for communicating vulture issues to the stakeholders, puppet show on street corners, webinars.

Banham Zoological Gardens, UK – Interactive activities, flying displays, conservation talks, fund raising.

Bird Education Society, Nepal – Bird Education Society (BES) has planned to celebrate International Vulture Awareness Day 2022 by organizing vulture observation program at Vulture Safe Feeding Zone in Pithauli, Nawalpur. A group of students from community schools will be taken to Pithauli on that very occasion of IVAD.

Bird Conservation Nepal, Nepal – Bird Conservation Nepal (BCN) will continue the regular vulture count on September 3 at the same time and place (8-11 am) in an effort to cover all of the vulture range districts. We will also be celebrating the 14th International Vulture Awareness Day by organizing 33 different events in more than 18 Districts. mostly vulture conservation interaction program with newly elected local government bodies and relevant key stakeholders. school art competition, vulture play, vulture hike, stalls

Birds Monitoring Group, Saudi Arabia – Spreading an awareness about the vulture by: – Publishing an article about the importance of the vultures in our website. – Publishing an awareness video in our YouTube channel. – Publishing photos about vultures in our Instagram, mentioning the vulture day

Birds of Prey Protection Society (BPPS), Bulgaria – On September 3 2022, in territory of Nature park “Vrachanski Balkan” (Bulgaria), near village Dolno Ozirovo, an 8 km trek will be held to observe griffon and black vultures. Since 2004, the teams of Vrachanski Balkan Park, Green Balkans, FWFF and BPPS have been working on Vultures reintroduction Program and restoration of these vultures as nesting species in the area. Thanks to the efforts in 2022, for the first time in 70 years, a black vulture successfully nested in the Western Old Mountains.

Blackland Prairie Raptor Center, USA – We have a monthly open house and 3 September will be dedicated to Vultures. The Heritage Girls will be assisting us in educating our visitors about Vultures. We are a rehab/education raptor center and we save all of our food leftovers for our Vulture Platform in our Prairie Park . We will have plenty of food for them on this Saturday. Feed them and they will come.

Blouberg Nature Reserve, South Africa – Treasure hunt, Friends of Blouberg 10 year celebration.

Buseu Project, Spain – To feed the four scavengers of Europe.

Castlewood Canyon State ParkUSA – Educational games for adults and children, activities that highlight the world’s vultures, a live Turkey Vulture from HawkQuest.

Charles Paddock Zoo, USA – From 10AM-2PM…”Vulture Vomit Toss” – Interactive game for all ages. Throw “vomit” in the form of green slime, at a few targets that are “threats” to the vulture. Information table with fun facts, coloring activity, and drawing. Our zoo’s king vulture will receive special enrichment, during a zookeeper talk. All activities are free with zoo admission.

Diergaarde Blijdorp, The Netherlands – Communication on social media, promoting online education video and zookeeper talk about vultures.

Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center, USA – Follow along on a weeklong virtual “takeover” of @minnesotaskunk’s Instagram page. We will be sharing special photos and videos of our resident Turkey Vulture, as well as providing him extra special enrichment throughout the week. Staff will also be sharing vulture information and activities throughout the week. *All activities taking place via Instagram*

Egyptian vulture New LIFE project – On September 17th, people worldwide will run to raise awareness of this beautiful endangered bird by trying to outrun a real-time migration Egyptian vulture tagged with transmitters! Run a mile, and share your distance with the hashtag #AMileforEV to raise awareness for this majestic bird!

Endangered Wildlife Trust, South Africa – We will be conducting several activities leading up to and on IVAD; these include: The GPS tagging and release of 24 vultures that we rescued from a recent mass poisoning event in the Kruger National Park; Wildlife Poisoning Response training at a critical project site to improve response to vulture poisonings; Safe proofing unsafe water reservoirs in the Karoo and Kalahari, South Africa; Installing bird diverters on a high-risk powerline near a vulture breeding site.

Faszination Geier, Germany – Helping at the vulture information desk at Wilhelma Stuttgart, Germany, representing the collaboration of Wilhelma and VulPro, South Africa. I’ll talk about a decade of volunteering experiences, how a day at VulPro looks like and what threats African Vultures are facing. Additional vulture information, vulture feeding and a vulture quiz are organized by Wilhelma Stuttgart.

Fondo para el Refugio de las Hoces del Riaza, Spain – Publishing an article about vultures and running an excursion.

Gamamwe Ranches, Zambia – Promoting and developing vulture awareness through visual arts and encouraging nature and art enthusiasts to participate in supporting our Vulture Restaurant. Through this on-line virtual fine art and photo gallery we aim to raise funds for conservation initiatives both on the Ranch and with in the local communities that surround us.

Game Rangers International, Zambia – We’ll be running vulture-themed activities and conservation awareness sessions across three important landscapes in Zambia – Kafue National Park, Lower Zambezi National Park and Lusaka!

Gauntlet birds of prey Eagle and vulture park, UK – We will be running shows through the day all about vultures, and having a carcass feed in the arena in our show. We will be raising money through the days through a raffle. We will also sell our conservation wristbands to raise money for the poison response kits we sell.

GREFA – Proyecto Monachus, Spain – Liberation of two amputated cinereous vultures in a large fenced area, nature photography exposition, GREFA stand, animation and activities for kids and adults, public presentations about two projects for cinereous vulture reintroduction and white-tailed eagle reintroduction, rock concert and food and drinks.

Hawk Conservancy Trust, UK – We will be celebrating vultures with even more vultures in our fantastic flying demonstrations and plenty of other vulture-themed activities throughout the day. We will also have vulture themed products available from the shop and we’ll be fundraising for vital conservation work!

Hawk Creek Wildlife Center, USA – Hawk Creek Wildlife Center will be at the New York State Fair talking all things #vultureculture! Some of our amazing vulture animal ambassadors will be there to teach about why they are such an important part of ecosystems around the world.

Hellenic Ornithological Society / BirdLife Greece, Greece – Outdoor Photo Exhibition.

Himalayan Progressive School, India – Poem and story Writing Competition for senior sections. The juniors will prepare bookmarks and participate in the coloring activities. a quiz will also be organized. These activities will be done in Collaboration with Indian Biodiversity Conservation Society, India.

Howell Nature Center, USA – Handouts of facts and coloring pages featuring Turkey Vultures. Special enrichment for our turkey vultures: Igor and Ralph.

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)Bangladesh – IUCN has planned to do three large events, one in the capital with the policymakers, researchers, and relevant stakeholders; two other programs will be in the two safe zones with the local communities. There will be a rally, poster presentation, discussion session, poster distribution, and photography exhibition among other things.

Indian Biodiversity Conservation Society, India – Awareness Programs in schools that are near vulture habitats. Online poem and story writing competition for all the vulture lovers.

Jacksonville State Univerity Field School, USA – 0:00am – 10:30 – the Ranger Kaleb with Little River Canyon National Preserve will be doing a vulture program at the Wolf Creek Overlook. 10:00am – 1:00pm – JSU Field School will be at the Little River Canyon Center teaching about the importance of vultures and other native animals. 11am – 12pm – Jacksonville State University Graduate Teaching Assistant Bee Gray will be sharing their vulture research and experience studying this vulnerable, federally protected, the Little River Canyon Center.

Jatayu Nature club, India – In school awareness program and meet every person where vulture nest in private property.

JECRC University, India – Quiz competition based on vulture topics, expert talk, poster competition among UG & PG Students.

Jivdaya Charitable Trust, India – Jivdaya charitable trust has been working for vultures since 2007 by treating them at our hospital. We aware multi-stake holders like Veterinarians, Govt. Officials, Forest staff and Skinners for the importance of the vulture in our eco system. We monitor the habitat of Vultures in Gujarat. We also survey about painkillers amongst Veterinary drugs dealers. We promote not using Diclofenac in cattle and use other alternative which are not life threatening for Vultures.

Johnson Branch State Park, USA – Educational program on vultures who reside in the park.

Karnataka Vulture Conservation Trust, India – As usual, we from Karnataka vulture conservation trust, Ramanagara, used to conduct awareness program (IVAD) every year. But this year we could find IVAD logo in many other languages, except our Kannada language. Since from many years we supported IVAD but now we didn’t expected this from you. If possible also add our Kannada language in your logo. We will be happy to conduct IVAD as usual.

Keystone State Park, USA – 1PM-5PM; activities, games, crafts at the Keystone State Park beach house.

Kshitij Foundation, Inida – Online Elocution Competition- to spread awareness regarding the vultures of Gujarat and the Indian Subcontinent.

LIFE Safe For Vultures, Sardinia – We will post on our social media pages a video explaining the importance of the vultures and the situation of the Griffon Vulture in Sardinia, and what everybody can do to help in the conservation of this species.

Little Rock Zoo, USA – Vulture flight demo, feed, and chat, “vultures are scavengers hunt” (scavenger hunt), vulture vomit activity, activity table with pledges to help vultures, demonstrations, and links to vulture fundraisers.

LPO France, France – The proposed activity is a 2h30 pedestal hike along a trail in the Gorges du Tarn, so you will be in the heart of the vulture’s habitat and will have the opportunity to observe them and learn more about their way of life.

LUFASI, Lagos – A 2 days awareness creation program.

Manav Organization, India – Awareness campaign for save vulture, drawing competition.

Nature Kenya, Kenya – Nature Kenya will conduct awareness creation in the Kenyan Southern Range-land through market outreaches and village barazas.The Market outreach awareness creations will be conducted through talks and performances (songs, dances and skits) by maasai dancers in 5 Markets in Masai Mara, Narok County. 2 Village barazas will be conducted in Kajiado County (Eluai Village and Olokeri Village).

Nature Uganda, Uganda – Members Naturewalk to selected sites that are known habitats to Vultures -Public awareness ( Vulture awareness drive) displaying videos, pictures, and messages about the plight of vultures -Brief Radio talk shows about the plight of Vultures -Press releases about the Vultures will be shared with the media houses.

Pankaj Chandan, Independent nature scientist, India – Community awareness programmes in J&K and Ladakh in India.

Parc Zoologique de la Boissière du Doré, France – Vulture quiz, Falconry training, Falconry visit, games around ‘Bird Families’, Poster campaign on the role of vultures in our ecosystems, Exhibition on discovering vultures, Sales of goodies, Tombola and falconry activities for the benefit of the conservation of Vultures. and other surprises! Activities for young and old.

Pokhara Bird Society, Nepal – We have designed a new poster for awareness among local people and government officials .Poster will be inaugurated and distributed , vulture awareness advocacy program among local communities, stakeholders and college students and monitoring populations of vultures in and around the Pokhara Valley. This time we will focus more in the sites where we lost vultures due to transmission lines and development projects. We will also submit an appeal letter to concern government authorities in those areas.

Prague Zoo, Czech Republic – Interactive and education activities for kids and adults, games, coloring pages with vultures, quiz based on vulture topics and special commented feeding.

Puy du Fou, France – Activities offered to visitors hosted at Puy du Fou France (with an entrance ticket): Presentation of the different species of vultures; Awareness time in favor of the preservation of vultures organized at the end of “Le Bal des Oiseaux Fantômes” on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 04th August 2022 to 04th September 2022; Sale of “Save the Vultures” bracelets at the end of “Le Bal des Oiseaux Fantômes” (support for various conservation programs).

QUERCUS A.N.C.N., Portugal – Liberation of two Grifon vultures in the Natural Park Tejo Internacional. Exposition , Presentations , and public awarness of the results from the 2022 monitoring in the breeding colony of cinereous vulture in Portugal at the Natural Park Tejo Internacional , which holds 70% of the Portuguese population of this species in Portugal.

Raptors Botswana, Botswana – Demonstration of bone fragments provision to cape vultures and awareness session for community leaders and stakeholders

Riserva Naturale del Lago di CorninoItaly – Guided tours in the Nature Reserve, Lectures on different aspects of Vulture Biology, Observation of Griffon Vultures in flight and on the feeding point, Release of recovered and rehabilitated Griffon Vultures.

Rotaract Club of Swarna Bengaluru, India – A session on the Responsibility of Youth in Vulture Conservation.

Santa Barbara Zoo, USA – elebrate International Vulture Awareness Day with fun and interactive games like “Vulture Vomit Toss” and “Sifting for Microtrash,” and learn about nature’s cleanup crew. Learn fun facts about local vulture species, including the Zoo’s California condor and turkey vulture (who’ll receive special enrichment), as well as several species of African vultures that are a part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ African Vulture SAFE (Saving Animals From Extinction) conservation program.

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, USA – Activity tables, California Condor Wildlife Care Specialists Talks

Saginaw Children’s Zoo, USA – We will be hosting a book club discussion with “Condor: To the Brink and Back”, and doing a child’s story time reading in the Zoo amphitheater. We will also have a coloring station for kids and an activity station with vulture biofacts and a stomach acid activity. We will have several vulture keeper chats throughout the day. We will post SAFE media on our social media site including links to Raptor TAG merchandise and a link to the Vulture SAFE YouTube video.

SAVE, Virtual – Webinar held on 3 September

SOS SAVANE NGO, Benin – For this day we plan to share with the political and administrative authorities the results obtained from the project funded by African Birds Club on the conservation of scavenger vultures in northern Benin. A plea will be presented for the authorities to help us involve the Hooded Vulture in their management policies.

South Africa National Parks, South Africa – A Virtual Tour to Golden Gate Highveld National Park Vulture Restuarant, and Virtual Tour to Marakele National Park Lenong View site

Sustainable Actions for Nature, Nigeria – Awareness art competition for children (ages 7-13years)

TAMIL NADU FOREST DEPARTMENT, India – Disseminate vulture day history background, aim, role of vulture in the ecosystem, threats to vulture and vulture conservation in India.

Tangerine International SchoolPanama – Learning all about vultures of Panama and how to identify them, the benefits of vultures in the ecosystem and what would happen if they were extinct. Hands on activities include comparing vulture wingspans, eat like a vulture, vulture vomit, vulture stomach acid and a field trip to identify vultures in the area.

The Birds of Prey Portection Foundation, Serbia – The Birds of Prey Protection Foundation Belgrade traditionally celebrate the International Vulture Awareness Day in Serbia. The central manifestation will be organized in the most significant colony of Griffon Vultures in the Balkans in the Special Nature Reserve “Uvac”. We have prepared a series of events including the release of vultures from the recovery center.

The DailyLagos – We are doing an important virtual Summit to be attended by about 250 attendees, including environmentalists, students, scholars, journalists and conservationists in Africa and other continents.

The Daily Africa Summit, Nigeria – TheDaily Africa Summit is inviting you to celebrate with us the International Vulture Awareness Day Topic: CONSERVATION: The Vulture, Man & Society Time: Sep 3, 2022 05:00 PM West Central Africa Speaker: Professor Edem A. Eniang Head of Wildlife Ecology Unit Dept. of Forestry and Wildlife, University of Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State.

The World Center for Birds of Prey, USA – “Eat Like a Vulture” Education Station: Find out how much you would eat if you were a vulture & talk about how just by eating, vultures are natures clean-up crew! “Vulture Vomit” Education Station: Learn about vulture defense strategies & what threats they face to survive. Condor Propagation: Come have Conservation Conversations with an expert! One of our Propagation Specialist will be speaking about California Condors & what goes into saving this species. Meet our Turkey Vulture, Lucy!

Thirsk Bird of Prey Centre, UK – Usual displays plus vulture encounters and celebrity guests in attendance.

Tracey Aviary, USA – Bird shows, All-Day Roaming Encounters, Vulture-themed scavenger hunt and educational hands-on games, Bird-themed drink, and educational tabling.

University of Lucknow, India – “Vulture Identification and Census Workshop” ENVIS RP, Institute of Wildlife Sciences, University of Lucknow is going to celebrate International Vulture Awareness Day -2022 (IVAD-2022) on 3rd September 2022. In this financial year, we are organizing a National Level Vulture Identification and Census Workshop for forest personnel on 3rd September 2022 in collaboration with UPSBB. A Vulture Census in Uttar Pradesh will also be conducted from 15 September onwards.

University of Veracruz, Mexico- Talks about vultures endangered species in Mexico: California condor and king vulture.

Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust, Zimbabwe – The commemoration will be spearheaded and commemorated by children between the ages of 8 and 12 years. The planned activities are: Interaction with the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust Vulture Ambassador, Judge (a white-backed vulture), kids’ games on vultures (Connect the dots, Vulture names scramble etc.), and poems and speeches on Vultures.

Vulture Conservation Foundation (VCF), Europe/Online – The VCF will organize an online vulture quiz and giveaway for the month of September, publish a new report on the day of IVAD and raise awareness about vultures and their conservation on social media, email and website.

Wessa Northern Areas, South Africa – Open morning for interested people to join us at the viewpoint on the farm looking across the valley at the feeding spot. Bring your own chairs and picnic. Boerewors rolls will be on sale and coffee and tea on arrival.

WILDLIFE CONSERVATION FOUNDATION, India – Save vulture classes to high schools in the surrounding villages of Bandipur Tiger Reserve.

Wild-CER, India – Wild-CER has organized a one day seminar on ‘Status of vulture conservation efforts in India’ on 4th September 2022.

World of Wings Birds of Prey CentreScotland – World of Wings will be holding our 6th vulture carcass feed in celebration of International Vulture Awareness Day!

On the 3rd and 4th of September at 1pm we will be holding an African themed display to discuss the plight of Africa’s vultures and all the animals that are affected by the steep decline of these misunderstood animals. This is a rare opportunity to see a live carcass feed with our Rüppell’s Griffon Vultures, Bateleur Eagle, African Pied Crow, Black Kite and our White Stork!

Wilhelma, the Zoological and Botanical Garden Stuttgart, Germany – Information stall by our education team, Vulture Photo Challenge, fundraising initiative for vulture clinic, commented feeding time, keeper talk.

WWF-Pakistan, Pakistan – WWF-Pakistan will be sharing awareness posts, releasing a short 4-5 min documentary on social media (face book, Instagram, twitter, WWF-Pakistan YouTube channel and other networks) and talks on electronic media about conservation of vultures on International vulture Awareness Day 2022.

Zlín Zoo, Czech Republic – Interactive and education activities for kids and adults, games, quiz based on vulture topics and special commented feeding.