Who is celebrating International Vulture Awareness Day?

Below are all the organisations who have registered through this website to let people know that they will be celebrating vultures this International Vulture Awareness Day on Saturday 1 September 2018.

Aakash educational services limited, Akola – We will teach about vultures to our students.

AAZK San Diego, USA – Celebrate International Vulture Awareness Day by joining the AAZK San Diego Chapter on September 3, 2018, from 4-7 p.m., at AleSmith Brewing Company for our inaugural event of Scavenge For Scavengers! Scavenge For Scavengers is a fun-filled Scavenger Hunt around the Miramar brewing district that will raise funds supporting vulture conservation throughout Africa.

Academie de Fauconnerie du Grand Parc Puy du Fou, France – Vulture awareness activities, wristband sales, teenager training workshops.

ACCB (Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity, Cambodia – Alongside providing vulture conservation information during our daily guided tour of our wildlife rescue and conservation centre situated at Phnom Kulen National Park in the Kingdom of Cambodia, the Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity will be releasing a short film on our Youtube, Facebook and other social media channels highlighting the work that our field conservation teams do to protect Critically Endangered Cambodian vultures as part of a nationwide vulture working group.

Albuquerque Biopark, New Mexico, USA – Informational displays, pellet dissection, smell station, check your wingspan, beauty contest – pick your favorite vulture, crafts – make a vulture to take home.

Allwetterzoo, Muenster, Germany – Vulture exhibition, information about vulture conservation, vulture drawing for children and other activities.

America’s Teaching Zoo, California, USA – Vulture feeding, vulture flight, special IVAD presentations, and children’s activities.

Arulagam, India – Awareness Campaign on toxic drugs, The Nilgirs District Administration, Animal Husbandry Department and Forest Department have Joined together for this event; Vulture- Cattle – Earthworm- Vermi compost unit inauguration at Moyar; Workshop in association with Kongunadu Arts and Science college, Coimbatore

Attica Zoological Park, Greece – Vulture free-flight presentation, guided tour at the Vultures in the Park, enrichment/presentation at the Griffon Vultures, arts and crafts and info stations in the Education Center.

Bhopal Birds, India – Bhopal birds and Regional Museum of Natural History ,Bhopal will organised a group discussion on ” Present scenario of Vultures in Madhya Pradesh and their conservation issues” on the occasion of International Vulture Awareness Day at Regional Museum of Natural History , Bhopal.

Biodiversity and Wildlife Conservation Lab, Department of Zoology, University of Lucknow, India – We will be organizing various awareness programmes in rural and urban areas and lectures on importance of Vultures.

Bird Conservation Nepal, Nepal – Along with local conservation partners, we will organize various public awareness raising and advocacy events to mark this day all over the country. The week-long programs will primarily focus on spreading awareness among the wider communities and influencing stakeholders and agencies in positioning the vulture range districts as the Vulture Safe Zone in Nepal.

Bird Conservation Society-Gujarat, India – Awareness and advocacy to Gaushala and Panjrapole people for stop use Diclofenac. For saving vultures and providing safe food.

Birdlife International Cambodia Programme, Cambodia – Celebrate International Vulture Awareness Day for Cambodia vulture conservation, play a movie about vultures’ role in ecosystems, games for children and a slide presentation.

Bird of Prey Programme, Endangered Wildlife Trust, South Africa – A talk will be presented on vultures fot the Phalaborwa hunting club on 6th Sept 2018.

Birds of Prey Protection Society, Bulgaria – Birds of Prey Protection Society and Vrachanski Balkan Nature Park directorate organise a guided hiking trip in the area of Dolno Ozirovo, near the feeding site of Griffon Vultures, with observation of the birds and lecture with interesting facts about the species.

Birdwatch Zambia, Zambia – We will be celebrating IVAD with 120 children aged between 5 and 17 and 12 teachers from 3 schools with Chisamba IBA – an area in which BWZ has piloted an initiative called the Vulture Safe Zones (VSZ) aimed at helping farmers maintain safer feeding sites for vultures. We will have various activities to help improve the children’s awareness about the importance of vultures such as story telling and writing, word games and quizzes, colouring and scrap book making and a field excursion to a VSZ.

Brandywine Zoo, Delaware, USA – Over September 1 and 2, we will celebrate vultures with multiple stations throughout the zoo. Keeper Talks this weekend will focus on our Andean Condors! We’ll also be talking about the new African Vulture SAFE program, and how you can help save vultures form extinction!

Buseu Project, Spain – Local people will be able to visit the project.

Buttonwood Park Zoo, Massachusets, USA

Cape May County Park & Zoo, New Jersey, USA – Information table, vulture themed buttons for sale, and a coloring activity for children. Vulture themed lawn flamingos will be placed throughout the zoo to educate people about different species of vultures and how they co-exist with the other species they are placed in front of.

Cascades Raptor Centre, Oregon, USA – Come and enjoy vulture-themed activities for kids of all ages. Be sure to visit Lethe and Kali, our resident Turkey Vultures, currently the only species of vulture in the Pacific NW.

Castlewood Canyon State Park, Colorado, USA – Games: Vulture Autopsy, Good/Bad, Fill the Roost, Compare Wingspan, Scavenge Like a Vulture, Face Painting, Take Aways, and handouts.

Centre for Biodiversity and Wildlife Research and Conservation, India – Awareness campaign in urban areas and school competitions.

Chester Cathedral Falconry & Nature Gardens, UK – International Vulture Awareness Day activities.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, USA – Vulture vomit toss, stomach juice station, eat like a vulture, wingspan comparisons, condor surgery station, vulture cleaning station, recycling run, scavenger hunt, craft table, painting, puppet station, vulture keeper talk and feeding and more!

CL Woolcott Vulture Restaurant, Botswana – 5km Fun Walk through town to create awareness. 40km Mountain Bike Ride. Activities and vulture views at the CL Woolcott Vulture Restaurant.

Crónicas del Chivizcoyo, Mexico – Upload a brief video explaining some features about Old World and New World Vultures

Denver Zoo, USA – Vulture Activity Station, Wildlife Show – Our summer show will feature vulture stars, Cinereous vulture keeper talk, Andean condor keeper talk, Cinereous vulture training session, Cinereous vulture feeding. On social media, Denver Zoo is also highlighting Egyptian vultures, AZA Safe Program for African Vultures, and our conservation work in Mongolia and Botswana.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney World, Florida, USA – There will information tables set up, keeper talks and training sessions highlighting the unique feeding strategies of these amazing birds.

Elmwood Park Zoo, USA – Up-close encounter and a flight training demo with our educational ambassador vulture; hands on activities, crafts, and bio-facts.

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, South Africa – Total count of all species at supplementary feeding sites on 1 September.

Extremadura Birdwatching, Spain – A photo contest to create awareness about vultures and IVAD.

Faszination Geier, Germany – I will run a vulture information desk in the Allwetterzoo Münster, Germany right next to the vultures’ enclosure with Eurasian Griffon Vultures and Eurasian Black Vultures there is a vulture museum called “vultures restaurant”. Here I will stay all day to talk to people about vultures and share my experiences from volunteering work in vulture rescue centres and vulture research worldwide while kids are welcome to create beautiful vulture drawings.

Friends of Blouberg, South Africa – A talk about vultures and fun vulture-themed activities.

Friends of Dunga Site Support Group, Kenya – Run awareness campaigns and give presentations, develop banner and images that broadcast the important ecological role vultures play in ecosystems.

Gauntlet Bird of Prey Centre, UK – International Vulture Awareness Day activities.

German Nature Protection Union in the Republic of Armenia (NABU) , Armenia – Announcement of “Vulture Awareness Month in Armenia” starting from 1st of September; posts on Facebook (texts, photos and videos) about four species of vultures of Armenia – each week one species; lectures in the schools and competition – “Vultures of Armenia”; public lecture in the cafe about vultures of Armenia and their conservation issues; two big bird watching excursions for vulture species observation – one will be for school students, another – for all interested people.

Ghana Wildlife Society, Ghana – Radio discussions and press releases will be held and published respectively to raise public awareness on vulture species found in Ghana and garner support for their conservation.

Govern de les Iles Balears, Balearic Islands – Publication of an infographic on Black Vultures, including the logo of the International Vulture Awareness Day. It will be presented by the Regional Minister of the Environment on Friday the 31st, with which we ensure good media coverage. Intervention in a radio program dedicating half an hour to the International day.

GREFA, Spain – We are going to carry out several activities in Huerta de Arriba, the town where we develop the Monachus Project for the recovery of the Black Vulture populations in the Iberian System. The visitors will be able to watch our team while fitting GPS / GSM transmitters on the 15 Black Vultures that will be released in October 2018. During the day we will develop awareness and conservation activities to introduce to the wide public the European vultures and their role in the ecosystems.

Hawk Conservancy Trust, United Kingdom – At the Hawk Conservancy Trust, every day is vulture awareness day. If you would like to celebrate these incredible birds on IVAD, join the Trust to learn more about them with talks, activities and flying demonstrations throughout the day. Plus, you can meet a vulture!

Hazi Foundation, Spain – Photographic exhibition and guided visit. This activity is planned in the framework of POCTEFA Ecogyp, an international cooperation project promoting coexistence between vultures and human activities in the Pyrenees (France-Spain).

High Desert Museum, USA – Come and learn about vultures and their ecological importance!

Himalayan Institute for Sustainable Environment & Research Society and Doon University, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India – We will organize a painting and slogan writing competition at various schools especially in the Corbett Landscape of Uttarakhand state. Awareness raising meetings/workshops are planned to be organised among farmers, dairy association and pharmacy practitioners in different districts. Excursion activities are also planned to be organised in Doon Valley. These activities will be conducted in collaboration with Forest Department, NGOs and Biodiversity Management Committees.

Himalayan Nature, Nepal – Bird watching program to students of local schools specially focusing on vultures. Distribution of vulture conservation awareness materials.

Hobe Sound Nature Centre, Florida, USA – Activity pages, scavenger hunt, facts about vultures.

Indian Biodiversity Conservation Society, India – Plantation of large native tree species near vulture sites; awareness programmes in schools and colleges; vulture watch in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh; insertion of informative boards in close proximity to vulture sites. The message will be conveyed to local people through press media. To motivate maximum people towards vulture conservation, social media will be utilized. The group Gypsophils (Vulture Enthusiasts) on Facebook is already spreading the message through regular posts related to vultures.

Institute for Wildlife Sciences, University of Lucknow, India – We are going to plan field excursion activities to view vultures in areas of Uttar Pradesh. From 1-5 September 2018, we will create awareness and conservation activities in different areas of Uttar Pradesh by organising a workshop and vulture rally. From these activities we will sensitize local people, villagers and students about the importance of vultures, threats, their behaviour and measures for vulture conservation.

IUCN Bangladesh, Bangladesh – Vulture rally, children’s art competition, discussion program, observation of Vulture Feeding Station.

Jivdaya Charitable Trust, Ahmedabad/India – Awareness programme to skinners and students, vets about saving vultures.

Kanabo Conservation Link, Botswana – Public awareness day in Ghanzi in collaboration with Raptors Botswana, Kalahari Research and Conservation Group at the CL Woolcott Vulture Restaurant. Activities include a parade through town with our vulture float with educational talk and vulture viewings at the restaurant after.

Karnataka Vulture Conservation Trust, India – Bird watching, nature walk, seminar and presentation about vulture awareness.

Keystone State Park, Pennsylvania, USA – Meet the park naturalist to learn about nature’s vastly mystical clean up crew, who are often vehemently misunderstood. Learn about their migration, their behavior, and more, all while looking for them soaring over the lake.

Lake Pueblo State Park & Nature and Wildlife Discovery Center, Colorado, USA – Meet a live Turkey Vulture from the Raptor Center! From stupendous to disgusting, the features and adaptations of Turkey Vultures will definitely amaze you! Play our game of Vulture Vomit Toss and win prizes. Compare your arm span to a vulture’s wingspan. Make a Vulture Craft to take home.

Lekki Urban Forest and Animal Sanctuary Initiatve (LUFASI) , Nigeria – As LUFASI is a refuge for highly endangered Hooded Vulture (HV) population, LUFASI along with Rufford Foundation UK will hold 2 public awareness programmes. The first will be on the 6th to create awareness of HVs to nearby communities of the park. The second will be on the 8th which will be an engaging panel discussion having panelists giving different views of Vulture Conservation in Nigeria: Its challenges and opportunities.

Los Angeles Zoo, LA, USA – Vulture Visit: Get up-close views of Dolly the California condor or Cacique the king vulture during keeper walkabouts at 11am and 1pm Bird Show Stars: Flock to the World of Birds Show for a special program highlighting some of our remarkable resident vultures at 12pm and 2:30pm There will also be education stations, condor crafts, a visit from US Fish and Wildlife Station, and a condor themed campfire story at the California Condor Rescue Zone at 12:30pm.

Manav Organisation and Indian Biodiversity Conservation Society, India – Awareness programme for college students. Slogan, Poem and Poster competition will be organised in the college campus. Awareness campaign will also be carried out for the local people of Lalitpur. Lalitpur is an important district of Uttar Pradesh that has natural breeding sites of vultures and so it is important to involve the youth and communities.

Master of the Skies, USA – Public falconry program that will educate about the role that raptors play in the wild and the need for their conservation. Live birds of prey. Free vulture masks available for children.

McGregor Museum, Kimberley, South Africa – Trail run with proceeds being donated to vulture conservation

Mountain Zebra Camdeboo Protected Enveionment Project, South Africa – Information and awareness via Facebook, email & Whatsapp and various networks. Cape Vulture used to occur in the Karoo years ago. Occasional sightings had been reported. The Mountain Zebra Camdeboo Protected Envrironment project together with various organisations is currently investigating relocation or rather attracting vultures back to the Karoo. For International Vulture Awareness Day we will be focusing on awareness and education of the importance of vultures.

Nature and Life Foundation, Bangladesh – Television promotion, news and discussion to raise awareness, outdoor knowledge sharing campaign at Vulture Safe Zone.

Nature Education and Service Society, Baran Rajasthan, India – PPT presentation, drawing and field visit will be organised to participants of Senior Secondary and College students at Baran, Rajasthan.

Nature Kenya, Kenya – Go for bird watching in the morning within the Mara Reserve with a specific focus on vultures. In the afternoon, have a meeting with rangers from Olchorro Oirowua Conservancy to discuss on response and management of wildlife poisoning.

Nepal Nature Conservation and Development, Nepal – Awareness program to school students of Kathmandu including a drawing competition, poetry competition, rally program for vulture conservation, vulture presentation, and eco-clubs.

North Carolina Aquarium, North Carolina, USA – Make your own vulture crafts, discover where vultures live map, parent/chick match-up, vulture stomach exploration activity, free-flight bird shows, trivia games and chats with live vultures.

Osun State University, Nigeria – Sensitizing the students on the need to conserve the Hooded Vulture and the Palm-nut Vulture.

Ostrava Zoo, Czech Republic – Presentation about European vultures, activities about protection and reintroduction projects for vultures, children’s activities, special vulture talk.

Parco Natura Viva Garda Zoological Park, Italy – Presentation about European vultures, we will play a board game designed specifically to know these important animals and younger children can build a vulture to take home.

Peregrine Fund, Idaho, USA – Guests will meet Lucy – our Turkey Vulture ambassador, and participate in vulture-related activities (including a Scavengers’ Scavenger Hunt)! The Peregrine Fund’s Propagation Specialist, Aaron, will be at our Condor Cliffs exhibit from 12:30 – 2:00 to share what it takes to successfully breed endangered species for release into the wild while observing California Condors!! Guests will learn about TPF’s vulture conservation efforts around the globe through interactions with staff and volunteers!

Philadelphia Zoo, USA – Stop by our vulture information table to learn all about these incredible birds! You can also see special keeper chats at our turkey vulture exhibit (12:30PM) and Andean condor exhibit (3:00PM), as well as experience a turkey vulture up-close (11:30AM)!

Pokhara Bird Society, Nepal – Vulture monitoring, awareness campaign in school (class 9&10), vulture walk to Vulture Safe Feeding Site, poem competition based on vulture and ecosystem, photo exhibition.

Prague Zoo, Czech Republic – Information about vulture conservation and reintroduction projects, causes of population decline, conservation research game – using paper cards with vultures images – based on the respondents’ preferences (evaluation of most popular vulture), educational workshops and children’s games and activities, special talks with feeding demonstrations.

Public Institution Priroda, Croatia – Open days in Beli Visitor Centre and Rescue Centre for Griffon Vultures in Beli, Island of Cres – on 1st and 2nd September 2018 and educational workshops for children.

Raptors Botswana, Botswana – Raptors Botswana and Denver Zoo will join Kanabo Conservation Link at the CL Woolcott Vulture Restaurant in Ghanzi to celebrate International Vultures Awareness day with the Ghanzi community and others in Botswana.

Regional Nature Reserve of Lake Cornino, Italy – Information, public awareness, conferences, educational workshops for children, Griffon Vulture observation at the feeding point, release of a young Griffon Vulture.

Saint Louis Zoo, USA – Keeper chats, themed scavenger hunts to find which bird species are helped by vultures, vulture silhouettes all over zoo grounds with fun facts and other information about vultures, feeding demonstration, wing span banners for photo ops, a replica nest for photos, vulture related photo props and an IVAD selfie frame, bio facts tables with docents, and a diet table to display what vultures eat at our zoo.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park, California, USA – Keeper talks, feeding demonstrations; interactive education experience (vulture feathers, eggs, and sample nests); opportunity to use a condor puppet that we use to puppet-rear California Condors; information about our breeding programs for California Condors, Andean Condors, Ruppell’s Vultures, and Hooded Vultures; public education regarding the African vulture crisis, as well as lead poisoning in the U.S.

Santa Barbara Zoo, USA – Keeper talks, vulture themed activities.

Sarrett Nature Centre, Michigan, USA – We are hosting a program on Saturday, September 1, featuring our education ambassador Val, the turkey vulture, to teach people about vultures adaptations and about issues vultures face around the world.

SAVE Vulture Community and Seth GB Podar College, Nawalgarh, India – Vultures conservation programme and awareness activities with post graduate students of Science including local forest administrates.

Smithsonian National Zoological Museum, USA – Animal Keepers will do two special vulture chats with our pair of Ruppell’s Griffon Vultures at the Cheetah Conservation Station.

Soar Excursion, Gujarat, India – Awareness in villages where White-rumped Vultures nest and roost around 150km area surrounding Ahmadabad.

Society for Conservation of Historical and Ecological Resources, India – We plan to visit one of SE Asia’s largest breeding colony in Chambal River valley and do a drawing competition with college students.

Society for Conservation of Nature, India – We are going to conduct Vulture Awareness Programme at different schools in Etawah district. We have planed to organize different competition among the 6-12 standard students, How can we save vultures and their habitat through our knowledge and participation.

Tata Steel, India – A movie on vulture awareness will be shown to students, an awareness presentation on vulture conservation and Vulture Safe Zones in India, a drawing and quiz competition, the launch of our collaboration program with the Forest Department.

Team for Energy and Environmental Research (TEER), Bogura – This year we want to celebrate this International Vulture Awareness Day.

The Raptors, BC, Canada – Celebration of Vultures! Our annual Vulture Awareness Weekend is a time to fall in love with how amazing vultures are, and raise awareness for their plight. With a focus on vultures and their ecological value, we will fundraising for vulture conservation. We will also have a silent auction, BBQ, kids’ activities and lots of vulture fun.

The Texas Zoo, USA – Educational vulture activities, bouncy house, live vulture demonstrations, vulture watching, free I Love Vulture sticker with every entry.

Third Pole Conservancy, Nepal- Conservation awareness Gaijatra – The festival with stick dance and rally through out the Bhaktapur city.

Thirsk Birds of Prey Centre, UK – Our normal three flying displays and a fourth vulture display followed by a vulture feed. The Yorkshire Vet Peter Wright will be assisting the staff on the day as we will be hosting a variety of competitions and vulture activities.

Tierpark and Fossilium Bocham, Germany – In order to raise awareness for endangered vultures we offer a free guided tour that focuses on our two species, Black Vultures and Griffon Vultures. We will inform about the conservation programs we participate in, about the vultures’ biology, habits and threats they have to face in the wild. Visitors can watch the commented feeding and attend a keeper’s talk. After that our zoo guide will answer further questions and show vulture feathers, eggs and skulls.

Tracy Aviary, Utah, USA – We will have a condor walk, vulture meet n’ greets, bird show, education tours and activities, vulture storytime and keeper talks.

Treehouse Wildlife Center, Inc., Illinois, USA – Come visit with Einstein, Karrion, and the other resident vultures at TreeHouse. Learn about the importance of vultures to our ecosystem. At TreeHouse, we are more than “aware” about vultures, we celebrate and appreciate the vultures!

Trenca Association, Spain – We will observe European vulture species feeding at a feeding station in Lleida.

Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust, Zimbabwe – The event will begin with a guided tour of our local Vulture Restaurant (Vulture Culture Experience at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge). This will be followed by a presentation by Mr. Roger Parry, on the threats to vultures in NW Zimbabwe, and Vulture Conservation work currently being run by Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust, and a kids activity corner. Finally guests will have a chance to meet and interact with ‘Judge’ the Ambassador Vulture: a rescued white-backed vulture who lives at the Trust.

Vultures Namibia, Namibia – Fundraising dinner.

Wildlife & Environment Society of South Africa, Rotary Club of Brits Hartbeespoort, Birdslife Harties, South Africa – Morning breakfast at the vulture restaurant viewpoint to view Cape Vultures feeding. A number of guest speakers will talk about vultures and their plight including Andre Botha.

Wings of Wales, UK – Displays and talks to raise awareness about vultures.

Woodland Park Zoo, Washington, USA – Keeper talks and live vulture flight, vulture vomit bean bag toss, crafts, human banding station, carcass piñata with puppet.

ZSEA Ltd (Banham Zoo), UK – Free flying vulture display and live social media post during the display highlighting vultures and their plight.