Who is celebrating International Vulture Awareness Day?

Below are all the organisations and individuals who have registered through this website, and the countries they are from, to let people know that they will be celebrating vultures this International Vulture Awareness Day on Saturday 2 September 2023.

Albuquerque Biological Park, NM, USA – Pellet dissection; African Vulture & Andean Condor Discovery Stations; What’s my Wingspan, if I Were a Bird; Vulture Vote (learn about the zoo’s vultures then vote for your favorite one by making a pledge to help vultures); Smell Station (compare your senses to a vulture’s); Cool Off Like a Vulture (with vulture “urine”); Crafts (make a vulture to take home, coloring pages, word search, and bingo cards); Keeper talks including a special feeding.

Alexandria Zoological Park, LA, USA – Coloring page giveaways, vulture chats from zookeepers who care for them at the zoo.

American Eagle Foundation, TN, USA – For IVAD, we will be celebrating vultures across our social media platforms for the month of September. Our educational outreach programs will place special emphasis on our vulture ambassadors, spreading awareness about their ecological services and the ongoing vulture crises in Africa and Asia.

AMUS (Acciὀn por el Mundo Salvaje), Extremadura, Spain – Release of two griffon vultures (Gyps fulvus) born and rehabilitated at the AMUS wildlife hospital. Beforehand, there will be a talk on the importance of vultures in our ecosystems and the need to protect them. The first release will take place in Valencia del Mombuey (Ermita de Santa Bárbara) on 2 September 2023 and the second on 3 September 2023 in Oliva de la Frontera (Complejo Rural LA VENTA). Both will be open to the public.

Annette O’Hare, Author, TX, USA – In South Texas, we will celebrate IVAD with the release of an educational rhyming book for young people named Carrion My Wayward Son! Follow Little Danny and his father as, together we learn about the incredible vulture and the vital part they play in cleaning up our planet! https://amzn.to/3RftATF #carrionmywaywardson.

Arctic Institute of North America, Calgary, Canada – A talk/discussion on vultures with amongst the research community of University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

ARRC – Animal Relief for Rural Communities, Phalaborwa, South Africa – An educational class with the underprivileged and orphaned children of Mohlanatsi Development Centre in the rural community of Selwane that borders Letaba Ranch part of the Greater Kruger. There will be pictures of vulture pictures for the children to colour and then a class with some fun facts about vultures.

Arulagam, Tamil Nadu, India – Exposure visit to be organized for the pharmacy shop owner and the veterinary doctor to the Vulture Area in Mudumalai and Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve, Tamil Nadu, India. Artwork on vultures with slogans will be depicted at Moyar village.

Audubon Center for Birds of Prey, FL, USA – Kids educational activity booklet, ambassador Turkey Vulture and Black Vulture viewing, education station on the importance of vultures, educational videos, take home activities for kids.

Bearded Vulture Recovery Programme, Southern Africa – Vulture counts undertaken at supplementary feeding sites in the distribution range of the Critically Endangered Bearded Vulture and the endemic Cape Vulture.

Biodiversity Research and Conservation Centre, BRCC, Astana, Kazakhstan – Conducting an information campaign aimed at raising awareness of the local community about vultures, what benefits they bring to nature and what threatens these birds in Kazakhstan.

Bird of Prey Protection Foundation, Serbia – International Vulture Awareness Day also will be celebrated in Serbia, on 2. Sep 2023. Celebration will be held at the Special Nature Reserve “Uvac”, where we will release one Griffon vulture with GPS transmitter.

BirdWatch Zambia, Luska, Zambia – Vulture Awareness Workshop. Our workshop will engage the audience in a talk on vultures and give an opportunity to participants to create an art-piece that serves as a medium to share a compelling story—one that emphasizes the beauty of these endangered species. Ten of the best art pieces will be displayed at the Lechwe Trust Art Gallery for 2 days to further encourage the appreciation of vultures.

Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds, Madzharovo, Bulgaria – Join us in celebrating IVAD this year in the Eastern Rhodopes, the most special place for vultures in the Balkans. Explore BSPB’s vulture centre in Madjarovo. Engaging lectures hourly from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., followed by a birdwatching tour focusing on birds of prey. Discover Bulgaria’s vulture species and BSPB’s vital conservation work.

Buseu Project, Catalonia, Spain – Sensibilisation campaign for scavenger species and his ecosystems topics. A reintroduction project of Black Vulture in Pyrynées.

Carolina Raptor Centre, NC, USA – At 10:30 a.m., there will be a presentation from Raptor Biologist Dr. Todd Katzner. See a bird up close during Meet a Raptor at 11:30 a.m. Witness a bird in flight at 1 p.m. Carolina Raptor Center’s resident vultures will receive special carrion feedings at 2 p.m. with cattle carcasses. Learn about Igor, a Black Vulture and one of CRC’s oldest residents, at a Keeper Chat at 2:30 p.m. We will also have “scavenger” hunts to special crafts, games and other activities.

Castlewood Canyon State Park, USA – Educational games, vulture autopsy, build a nest, fill the roost, what do vultures eat fishing game and more. Talks on the vultures of the word and our own Turkey Vultures and live birds from Hawk Quest. Face painting, crafts and storytelling.

Central Asian Vultures, Online – Social media posts and raising awareness on the Egyptian vulture in Central Asia and along the Central Asian Flyway.

Club coclí viterbo Caldas, Pereira, Colombia – Observación de aves y proteccion Del cóndor de los Andes. Bird watching and protection of the Andean Condor.

Conservation South Luangwa, South Luangwa, Zambia – Social media postings.

Eco-care Ngo, Benin – ECO-CARE NGO marked International Vulture Awareness Day with an engaging youth activity in Angaradebou and Thya, adjacent to W Park. The day began with a captivating legend narrating the gradual disappearance of urban vultures due to human actions, raising awareness about our impact on avian wildlife. Subsequently, a tree-planting session involved local community members, emphasizing farmers’ responsibility for maintaining indigenous species in agricultural areas.

Elmwood Park Zoo, PA, USA – Vulture training and flight demonstration at 11am; vulture ‘photo booth’ and activities in our Discovery Center Classroom from 10am to 3pm.

Emerald Park,  Meath, Ireland – Interactive tabletop activities with our Zoo Discovery Team at our mixed vulture aviary, bird of prey displays focused on raising awareness, interactions with our Birds of Prey Keepers and carcass feed for our vultures (White-headed and Griffon Vultures).

Eskisehir Zoo, Eskisehir, Turkey – On September 2, Eskisehir Zoo planned open-air cinema event at the Zoo. Documentary about Egyptian Vulture will be displayed. Eskisehir Zoo carries out in-situ conservation projects for the Egyptian Vultures.

Espace Rambouillet, Sonchamp, France – Exhibition on vultures and stands (face painting, games, etc.), animation/explanation with a guide, presentation of conservation programmes, fundraising.

EWT Birds of Prey Programme, South Africa – We will be holding an event in Hoedspruit on 2 Sept 2023, in collaboration with various partners, to celebrate vultures and raise awareness of the threats they face.

Faszination Geier, Germany – Spending vulture quality time at Pairi Daiza and talking about vultures as much as possible.

Fundacio Trenca, Catalonia, Spain – Fundació Trenca organizes a feeding session at the Siall Supplementary Feeding Point, in order to raise awareness among the local population about the conservation of this species in the Pyrenees. In this you will enjoy observing different birds of prey and necrophagous bird feeding. You will also learn about the Black Vulture conservation project carried out by the organization. Planned activity is on Saturday September 9 at 10:00h, in Crta. Isona-Coll de Nargó direction Siall.

Green Balkans – Stara Zagora NGO and Sinite Kamani NPD, Bulgaria – On 2nd September between 10 am and 4 pm at the approach to the aviary (Sliven town), we will be able to observe Griffon and Cinereous Vultures in the feeding area and those in the aviary. We will also share about the new project that was started, aiming to bring back the Bearded Vulture in the Balkans and to support the population of the already restored Cinereous Vulture in Bulgaria. We ask that anyone interested in visiting the aviary contact our team by 1st September: dppsinite_kamani@abv.bg.

Gauntlet Birds of Prey, Eagle and Vulture Park, Knutsford, UK – Raffle, BBQ, face painting, carcass feed in finale 3pm flying show, reptiles.

Gram Panchayat Barangal, Almora, India – Awareness activities with school children and local people. Vulture Count activities in and around Panchayat managed Vulture Restaurant.

Hawk Conservancy Trust, Andover, UK – We will be celebrating vultures in our fantastic flying demonstrations and providing investigation stations throughout the Trust to educate visitors on our conservation and research projects across Asia and Africa. We will also have vulture themed products available from the shop and we’ll be fundraising for vital conservation work! Join us on our Egyptian Vulture trail to learn about the threats this migrating species faces on its migration route.

Hawk Creek Wildlife Center, NY, USA – Stop by and see Hawk Creek at the New York State Fair on International Vulture Awareness Day to meet vultures and learn about conservation!

Hawk Riders Cycling group, Jalandhar Punjab, India – Poster Making, Conservation projects presentation, Poem writing.

Himalayan Institute for Sustainable Environment and Research Society, Uttarakhand, India – Education and Awareness Activities for School Students in Govt. High School Barangal, Almora. 1. Introduction to Vultures 2. Threats faced by Vultures 3. Introduction to vulture safe NSAIDs 4. Group activities for vulture identification 5. Pledge to save vultures.

Himalayan Nature, Kathmandu, Nepal – Vulture awareness activities together with Koshi Bird Society, Kosi Bird Observatory, government agencies and community members from Himalayan Nature’s Kosi Bird Observatory.

Indian Biodiversity Conservation Society, Pradesh, India – Webinar on Importance and need of Vulture Conservation.  Painting competition on “Vultures in Indian culture”. Field visits. Awareness program in schools. Coloring activities for students and short plays.

Jivdaya Charitable Trust, India – Animal welfare and wildlife rehabilitation.

JSU Field School, AL, USA – 9:45 – 10:15 – Vulture Viewing at Wolf Creek Overlook with Vulture Researcher Bee Gray. 10:30 – 11:15 – Vulture Story Time for Kids at the Little River Canyon Center. 11:00 – 12:30 – Vulture Program – Little River Canyon Center. 12:15 – 3 – Vulture Information Table.

LIFE Aegypius Return, Portugal – August 10th, 2023 at 12h00. Release of a recovered Cinereous Vulture which had been shot.

Little River Canyon National Preserve, Fort Payne, Alabama – Scheduled Ranger Talks throughout the day at various overlooks along a canyon where vultures nest.

LPO Aude, Observatoire des vautours de Bugarach, France – Located 2 kilometres from the Town of Bugarach on the road to Rennes-les-Bains, the Bugarach vulture observatory offers you the opportunity to meet wildlife conservationists who are passionate about vulture conservation. Planned activities start at 09h00 and end at 12h00, and include vulture observation and feeding, Q&A opportunities and an introduction to the species present in the local area. All activities remain at the observatory, therefore no long distance walks are planned.

LPO Aquitaine, France – A lecture on vultures will be held on Friday 1 September at 8pm. On Saturday 2nd, a vulture-watching outing is organised at the Col d’Organbidexka in Iraty. A film will then be shown at 7pm. On Sunday 3rd, a conference on vultures will be held at 2pm. At 4pm there will be an outing to observe vultures at the Col d’Organbidexka in Iraty and at 7pm a film will be shown.

Massimo Prati Wildlife Photographer, Villars sur Ollon, Switzerland – Photo exhibition in the forest on the theme of the Bearded Vulture, 15 images of 3m on a footpath. During the International Vulture Awareness Day (2 September), I’m organising a hike where I’ll accompany you to give you as much information as possible about this emblematic bird of our mountains, which has been making his comeback for forty years now.

Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, India – A vulture awareness program conduct at the government school in Moyar, Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, India. We planted students to take a pledge to protect vultures and made students understand vulture protection through video.

Myanmar Vulture Working Group, Yango, Myanmar – – Sharing the information about the status of Vulture species in Myanmar and its ecosystem services to environment to change the negative perception of Vulture in public, be aware the social media (facebook page) Myanmar Vulture Working Group in public and courage to involve the MVWG members in the International Vulture Awareness Day. – Our facebook page (MVWG) shared the member posts to spread out the International Vulture Awareness Day over the social media users. (Facebook)

NATURA 5, Romania – On International Vulture Awareness Day, we will embrace a vision of vultures reclaiming the Romanian skies through a symbolic gesture that represents the resurgence of these majestic creatures (stay tuned on our Instagram account for further updates and insights).

NatureLife Cambodia, Phnom Penh and Eastern Plains Landscape, Cambodia – As part of the Cambodia Vulture Working Group, NatureLife Cambododia has been part of vulture conservation efforts for the three resident species for almost 20 years. To celebrate IVAD 2023, NatureLife and other CIWG members of the CIWG will be posting Vulture awareness messages on Social Media for several days starting on IVAD 2023. W are also planning to hold an awareness event for University Students studying biodiversity conservation and similar courses later in September.

Nature Tanzania, Arusha, Tanzania – We will engage local communities in Meatu district, Simiyu region which is part of the Mara-Serengeti ecosystem, for awareness raising through sports, children discussions, and puzzles. We will also engage the public through social media platforms (In, Facebook, Twitter) and Television (Morning Trumpet at Azam TV) to educate about the importance of vultures in the ecosystem, and also address the challenges that face them including poisoning, and belief-based use in traditional medicine.

Nigerian Conservation Foundation, Nigeria – Awareness rally vulture zones and media activities.

Olifants North Game Reserve, Phalaborwa, South Africa – Information dissemination – talks.

Ostrava Zoo, Czech Republic – The event will present the importance of vultures in nature, draw attention to their danger. it will also present the Ostrava Zoo’s involvement in reintroduction projects to strengthen wild populations of European vultures.

Pokhara Bird Society, Kaski, Nepal – Vulture count program in periphery of Pokhara valley at 6 different place and two place of Tanahun district at same day/same time. Vulture awareness campaign for school level students. Vulture photo exhibition for students, tourism entrepreneur and stakeholders.

Prague Zoo, Czech Republic – Special talks with feeding demonstrations; interactive education programme and games regarding unique vulture senses (sight and smell senses); information about our conservation activities of Egyptian Vulture in southern Europe and Bearded Vulture in the Alps. Prague Zoo is in charge of the European studbook for the Egyptian Vulture and the European Endangered Species Program (EEP) for this species.

Protection and Presevation of Natural Environment in Albania (PPNEA), Albania, 3. Creation of a vulture education corner in Tirana’s lake, where kids can play board games, coloring games, and vulture-themed maze games with the vulture species. 2. Implementation of “Green Talks” in which we will hold a group discussion about the value of IVAD and the importance of vultures. Promotional materials on vultures will be distributed.3. Launching an online communication campaign on IVAD through PPNEA’s social media where people will be invited to join the IVAD celebration.

Puy du Fou, France – Presentation of the different species of vultures / Highlighting the issues involved in the conservation of vultures through awareness raising time / “Sauvons les Vautours” (Save the Vultures) bracelets offered for sale (support for various conservation programs). *Observation and awareness time offered to visitors welcomed within the Puy du Fou Fr.

Puy du Fou, Spain – Awareness talks about vultures. Talks on environmental education and biodiversity. Activities with the little ones (Let’s color). Dissemination of the importance of Vulture conservation through social networks, billboards, audio reproduction before and after the shows. Information tables. Sale of bracelets and merchandising about the Vultures and the benefits will go entirely to the collaborating foundation.

Quercus A.N.C.N., Monte Barata, Portugal – Quercus organizes a feeding session in Monte Barata at the Tejo Internacional natural Park feeding point, in order to raise awareness among the local population about the conservation of this species. We will enjoy observing different birds of prey and necrophagous bird feeding.

Rajasthan State Biodiversity Board, Jaipur, India – Lectures, Site Visit with School/ College students.

Raptors MOU, International, Abu Dhabi, UAE & Bonn, Germany – The Coordinating Unit of the Raptors MOU posted on its website a story about IVAD and the impact of NSAIDs on Vultures, reporting on a recent study estimating that about half a million human lives were lost as a result of the vulture collapse in India. The story also welcomes the further restrictions on NSAIDs recently imposed in India. https://www.cms.int/raptors/en/news/honouring-guardians-skies-celebrating-vultures-international-vulture-awareness-day

Raven Ridge Wildlife Centre, PA, Columbia – Join us for International Vulture Awareness Day with Barron Von Vulture at Columbia Crossing Center. FREE ADMISSION and an event for all ages! We will have fun and educational activities, crafts, make your own “vulture vomit” slime to take home, a presentation at 3pm, a giveaway and coloring contest, photo ops, cool vulture goodies and other wildlife merch for sale to benefit Raven Ridge! Come learn about and celebrate those widely misunderstood, smart and beneficial creatures!

Raven Ridge Wildlife Centre, USA, Meet our Ambassador Black Vulture (Barron Von Vulture), to see upclose their beauty. We will have lots of vulture gifts to purchase, Barron Von Vulture merchandise to support vulture rehabilitation efforts. We are having a coloring contest, paint your own wooden vulture, raffes, door prizes, free Vulture poster and a presentation explaining the importance of protecting these misunderstood birds.

Rotterdam Zoo – Diergaarde Blijdorp, Netherlands – lecture on the threats for East-African vultures by Dr Ralph Buij from the Peregrine Fund and Wageningen University and Research. Informative video on endangered vultures for social media channels. Ruppells vulture colouring page with promotion of winning a stuffed animal – vulture (pluche). Information point about endangered vultures by our enthusiastic volunteers.

Roxborough State Park, USA – Educational table with props and fun family activities related to turkey vulture biology, facts, and their conservation.

Sahara Conservation, Niger – We are planning to post publications on our social media on the conservation work we’re carrying out in Niger to: – monitor vulture populations, – raise awareness in the local and surrounding communities, – build capacities and sensitization of main stakeholders involved against vulture trafficking and belief-based use, – develop environmental awareness program and school support targeting younger generations of rural areas.

Sam Veasna Conservation Tours Co., Ltd, Siem Reap, Cambodia – We are supporting the Vulture Feeding Program together with Wildlife Conservation Society-WCS through ecotourism- bird watching tours.

Santa Barbara Zoo, CA, USA – Celebrate International Vulture Awareness Day at the Santa Barbara Zoo with fun and interactive games and learn about nature’s cleanup crew. Learn fun facts about local vulture species, including the Zoo’s California condor and turkey vulture (who’ll receive special enrichment), as well as several species of African vultures that are a part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ African Vulture SAFE (Saving Animals From Extinction) conservation program.

Schlitz Audubon Nature Center, WI, USA – It’s almost time for International Vulture Awareness Day! Join us for a Raptor Saturday presentation celebrating what makes these unique scavengers so important to the health of our ecosystem! With the help of our own Turkey Vulture ambassador and her feathered friends, you will find out why Vultures are often referred to as “Nature’s Clean-up Crew”, threats they are facing in the wild, and ways we can all help our vulture friends!

Seth G B Podar College, Nawalgarh, India – Awareness talks about vultures. Talks on environmental education and biodiversity with school level students on current status in Rajasthan.

Society for Wildlife Conservation, Education and Research, Nagpur, India – Workshop on vulture conservation, telemetry studies on Indian vulture species, biological sample collection in vultures.

SOS SAVANE-ONG, Bénin – This year we will celebrate this day around the Pendjari and W-Benin biosphere reserves.- An awareness caravan is planned for young schoolchildren in the town of Kandi, chief town of the W-Benin biosphere reserve. – A presentation of the efforts to recover individuals of scavenger vultures will be discovered by schoolchildren from the wildlife recovery and conservation center of the NGO SOS SAVANE in Tanguiéta, chief town of the Pendjari biosphere reserve.

St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park, FL, USA – We will be doing a Vulture Feeding/Educational Chat at our Birds of Africa Overlook at 10:00am on Saturday, September 2nd. Following this presentation, we will have Educators present (at the same location) throughout parts of the day running an Education Station all about vulture conservation and natural history.

Stampede International, We will be promoting other organisations working towards vulture conservation and also launching our own vulture design competition.

Suffolk Owl Sanctuary, Suffolk, UK – Guided Walk at 1pm to learn more about our vultures, anatomy table featuring demonstrations, crafts and colouring station. Our twice daily Meerkat talks and Flying Displays are also included in the admission price. Please see our website for more information.

Tamil Nadu Forest Department, Andipatti, India- In lieu of IVAD, I am creating awareness since 2016 for sharing IVAD history, aim, role of vulture, threats to vulture, vulture conservation measures IUCN status, act etc., to Bureaucrat’s, NGO’s, Forest Officers and Frontline Staff, Teachers, Local Media & Newspaper, Families, Friends, School & College students through WhatsApp. It will reach around 10,000 peoples in the world.

The Birds of Prey Protection Foundation Belgrade, Uvac, Serbia – This year, too, the Birds of Prey Protection Foundation from Belgrade, Serbia, celebrates the International Vulture Awareness in the Special Nature Reserve “Uvac”. With the presence of guests, media representatives, the central event will be the release of 3 Griffon Vultures that were recovered in the recovery center. The birds are marked, and one is marked with a satellite transmitter.

The Branch of the German Nature Protection Union (NABU) in the Republic of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia – Vulture-watching event at Garni, an announcement of the vulture week starting from 02.09.2023, informative publications on social media about vultures and NABU’s work with vultures in Armenia. Lectures with various age groups during that week. Lectures at schools.

The Wildlife Research Center of Georgia, USA – This small, non-profit organisation will be publishing a special IVAD edition of its donors’ magazine, featuring an interview with Rosie the Vulture, ambassador of Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary, Virginia!

Thirsk Bird of Prey Centre, Thirsk, UK – African adventure display featuring tv Yorkshire vet Julian Norton.

Tracy Aviary, UT, USA – Vulture-themed activity stations, tours, talks with our Bird Care staff, and shows and roaming encounters with our avian ambassadors!

Treehouse Wildlife Center Inc, IL, USA – Discussion’s with Einstein, our resident Turkey Vulture and kids activities and coloring pages.

Uganda Ekkula Innitiative, Uganda – ways in which we can reduce the threats facing the multiplication / number of vultures in kamapala, * locating the identify roosts and nesting sites of the vultures in kampala, * Planting trees near areas where the vultures converge, * Sensitizing the public especially business men about the dangers of carbofuran sales and the dangers of using it to kill the vultures, * Teaching the public the usefulness of vultures existence.

University of Lucknow, India – This year on International Vultures Day EIACP, Institute of Wildlife Sciences, University of Lucknow, Lucknow and Biodiversity and Wildlife Conservation Lab, Department of Zoology, University of Lucknow, Lucknow are organising lecture and competition. There is a poster competition on feeding and roosting vulture and Quiz on vulture.

Vulture Conservation Foundation, Online – Quiz: Which Vulture Species Are You? Date: Sept 2023. Discover your vulture match! Take our fun quiz all September. Giveaway 2-9 September 2023. Instagram – Share your vulture love with a post, use #IVAD and tag us @VultureConservationFoundation for the chance to win vulture merchandise!

Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust, Zimbabwe – -school kids quiz competition, -poems and speeches on vultures, -coloring page, -artwork, -interactive discussion sessions on vultures, -question and answer session with school kids on vultures, -interaction with Judge the Trust Vulture Ambassador.

Vijay Girls Degree College, Jhunjhunu-Rajasthan, India – Lecture and poster competition regarding the Vultures conservation, ecology and management implications.

Wildest Eco, Ibadan, Nigeria – Conservation Education and Awareness.

Wildlife Institute of India, Himachal, India – Presentation about vultures of Himachal Pradesh India followed by drawing and quiz competition with locals. Nest watch walk with locals.

Wildlife of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan – Post news in our social channels.

World Centre for Birds of Prey, ID, USA – Meet our resident Turkey Vulture, Lucy, witness the magnificence of California Condors, and chat with raptor and propagation specialists about what it’s like to work with these incredible birds and how we can all play a part in keeping them around for generations to come! Education tables and live bird presentations all day!

WWF-Cambodia, Cambodia – As a part of Cambodia Vulture Working Group (CVWG), WWF-Cambodia will disseminate information for public engagement through social medias platforms to raise awareness and call for collective support in vulture conservation.

WWF-Pakistan, Pakistan – We have planned visits of students of Schools and colleges at Changa Manga Vulture Captive Breeding Centre to sensitize them about vulture conservation and vulture awareness posts on social media.

ZSL London Zoo, UK – ZSL is ready for the best weekend of the year! We will be doing talks throughout the day and offering a carcass feed for our vultures too. We will have a stall set up next to our Vulture enclosure where the public will have the opportunity to learn all things vulture and speak to our dedicated team.

ZSEA Banham Zoo, Norfolk, UK – Vulture flying displays, carcass fed, face painting, tombola, wristbands keyrings magnets, replica poison kit sponsored cycle.

Zlin Zoo, Czech Republic – Special talks with feeding demonstrations in the new large aviary for vultures called Gora Ark and special visits to breeding grounds.