Who is celebrating International Vulture Awareness Day?

Below are all the organisations who have registered through this website to let people know that they will be celebrating vultures this International Vulture Awareness Day on Saturday 5 September 2020.

Académie de fauconnerie du Grand parc du Puy du Fou, France – Vulture awareness activities, wristband sales, teenager training workshops.

African Bird of Prey Sanctuary, South Africa – A series of vulture and bird of prey related activities, including the following: a Raptor Flying Display, a Vulture Feeding Session, a discussion about vultures – Let’s Talk ‘Vulture’ with vulture expert Bill Howells.

AOS – Albanian Ornithological Society, Albania – Field visit with the Conservation Youth Club of Gjirokastra (CYC) and the installation of an information board for the Egyptian Vulture population in Albania, in one of the occupied territories in Gjirokastra region.

American Eagle Foundation, USA – we are hosting an educational livestream about the ongoing vulture crisis, why vultures are important to our ecosystems, and how we can help protect these imperiled and crucial birds. This exciting program will feature some of our educational vulture ambassadors along with a few other special guests. Our Wings of America Show at Dollywood will offer additional opportunities to get an up close and personal look at our vultures.

AMUS-Acción por el Mundo Salvaje, Spain – Releasing of vultures from our wildlife rescue centre and awareness of several project we are implementing with vultures in SW Spain.

Arulagam, India – Webinar meeting for sensitising the youth on Vulture conservation, “This is Vulture speaking” audio panel and poster release.

Aves Rapaces en Bolivia – Programa de Investigación, Bolivia – A virtual round table on the vultures of five charismatic protected areas in Bolivia: Madidi, Cotapata, Carrasco and Torotoro National Parks, plus the Cordillera de Sama National Reserve.

Aykwildlife, Nigeria – The 5th of September, 2020 will be another edition and another style for vultures awareness. Aykwildlife will be taking the gospel of wildlife(vulture) to the street and local market where wildlife market exist. The waste management ecosystem service of these birds and other benefits of this environment bio-cleaners will be discussed with local communities particularly youths that are agile and have the potential of working for nature.

Bearded Vulture Recovery Programme, South Africa – Vulture Count Day (count at supplementary feeding sites across the Bearded Vulture’s range in South Africa and Lesotho).

Beli Visitor Centre and Rescue Centre for Griffon Vultures, Croatia – The Centre will present a new open-air exhibition of our visitors’ works, drawings and imprerssions, followed by a new short film about the wanderings and adventures of our saved and released griffon vulture Kvarner.

Biodiversity Conservation Foundation, India – Our connection with people with our perspective to conserve nature and its diversity has extended in all directions in through virtual mode. To create an awareness on the significance of endangered vulture population we have planned a panel discussion on “For Vultures, By Culture, Of Conservation” and also to reach young inspiring mind organised a quiz on “Oh, Vultures!”. We have also posted our wildlife photos in our website and tagged to create awareness on vulture conservation.

Bird Conservation Nepal, Nepal – Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we will only conduct the small closed awareness activity in field level however, we will run the media campaign and virtual programs with count of vultures in the respective localities.

Birdlife South Africa – Special session on vultures at Virtual African Bird Fair, which also takes place on 5 September. Announcement of the establishment of the Zululand Vulture Safe Zone. Social media campaign planned around this.

Birds Buddy, India – We will organise a webinar on 5 September

The Birds of Prey Protection Foundation Belgrade, Serbia – The Birds of Prey Protection Foundation from Belgrade, Serbia will celebrate the “International Vulture Day ” on September 5, 2020, in the Special Nature Reserve Uvac. The main event is the release of 3 Griffon Vultures. The birds were in the shelter of Reserve Uvac on recovery, after they fell from nests. Now they are OK, marked, and ready to fly.  Another important event is the release of one of our Griffon vulture in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in order to reintroduce this species to this area.

Birds of Prey Protection Society (BPPS), Bulgaria – Organizing field talks and trips to observe Griffon Vultures and Black Vultures.

BVCF – Black Vulture Conservation Foundation & FVSM – Fundación Vida Silvestre Mediterránia, Spain – People engagement via our social media channels to improve awareness about the importance of Vultures. Special emphasis on the conservation of the only island Black Vulture population in the world, located on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca.

Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK

Ciencia CON Ciencia, Bolivia – Posts on Facebook about the importance of vultures in nature, as well as two species, the Andean Condor and the King Vulture, since they are distributed throughout the national territory.

Curso de entrenamiento de Aves, Mexico – Webinars on September 5-9 about King Vulture, Turkey Vulture, Black Vulture, California Condor and South America Vultures. Every single day on September sharing posts about vultures around the world.

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, UK – We plan to visit a site in Derbyshire where there is currently a Bearded Vulture roosting with Indy Kiermal Greene and a group of local children . We will teach the children about vultures and help them to watch it, then work with them to create an activity sheet which will be available on our website to enable more people to learn about vultures. We will promote the events on our social media channels and also provide links to the webinars we recently ran on birds of prey.

Dhartee Development Society (DDS-Pakistan), Pakistan – 1. Activity Title: School Children for Oriental White-backed Vulture Conservation in Hyderabad Sindh Province of Pakistan; 2. Activity :Seminar for all stackholders in Karachi.

Eagle Creek Ornithology Center, USA – Virtual Vulture Week. Take home crafts and activities available at the Ornithology Center during open hours (Mon-Fri 10-5).

Eastern Cape Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism, Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency, Environmental and Rural Solutions, South Africa – Recording of vultures at feeding sites.

Edukreeda, India – World Premiere of Jatayu – The Vulture(A short animation to create awareness about the plight of the vultures in the local language with English Subtitles) Live Webinar, Interaction with Team Jatayu and a small quiz.

Egyptian Vulture New LIFE project, Europe, Middle East and Africa – This year, on 5 September we are going to celebrate these intriguing, majestic, endangered and hugely important birds – the vultures, putting special attention on the smallest of Europe’s four vulture species – the Egyptian vulture! We will be celebrating this special day with an exclusive vulture web-meeting, where leading experts from the EV New LIFE project will tell us more about the Egyptian vulture, and how we mitigate the threats it faces along its flyway.

Endangered Wildlife Trust, South Africa – Various electronic posts on a range social media in the week prior to and on September 5th highlighting our work and partnerships focused on the conservation of Africa’s vultures. Announcement of the launch of the first trans-boundary Vulture Safe Zone in southern Africa.The video produced in partnership with Cornell Lab of Ornithology that focus on the African Vulture Crisis will be broadcast on Channel 180, DSTV, the largest satellite television network in sub-Sahara Africa on September 5th.

Envis – RP, University of Lucknow, India – MoEF&CC’s ENVIS-RP, IWS, University of Lucknow and UP state biodiversity board Lucknow has scheduled two day Intenational symposium on Vulture Conservation from 5-6th September, on the occasion of international vulture awareness Day.

Faszination Geier, Germany – Celebrating IVAD among vultures, the most fascinating creatures, in Dierenpark Amersfoort and talking about vultures at any given moment.

Fondo para el Refugio de las Hoces del Riaza, Spain – Article with data about Neophron percnopterus and visit to a zone with raptors.

Foxloft Conservancy, USA – “Visionary Vultures”, celebrating vultures in art running until September 10th, along with videos appearances by our ambassador birds.

Gauntlet birds of prey eagle and vulture park, UK – Cake sale, kids arts and crafts activities.

Ghana Wildlife Society, Ghana – We plan on holding a radio and television discussion on the plight of vultures. We shall also publish an article in a national newspaper to address the poor understanding and awareness of the social and ecological values of vultures. On our social media channels, we shall share posts to raise awareness on the types of vulture species found in Ghana and on 5th September, we shall hold an online quiz in commemoration of the International Vulture Awareness Day.

Green Balkans, Bulgaria – Green Balkans will celebrate the International Vulture Awareness Day in Pomorie. Join us at the Pomorie Lake Visitor Center and learn more about these interesting and important creatures. Take part in the art atteliers, games and educational activities or watch a short film about vultures in Bulgaria. We will give a short presentation and have lots of fun!

Hawk Conservancy Trust, UK – We will have vulture bingo in our Wings of Africa flying demonstration, kids activity sheets, a simulated poisoning scene to demonstrate the biggest threat to vultures, as well as extra information about vulture conservation throughout the day. We will also post vulture facts and information about our conservation projects with vultures on our social media platforms.

Hawkins Falconry, UK – Bespoke bird of prey experiences all year round. A percentage of all revenue from our experiences is donated to selected worldwide raptor charities.

Himalayan Nature, Nepal – To mark this important day we are planning to use the virtual platform and organizing a talk program.

Hume Centre for Ecology and Wildlife Biology, India – Webinar on Vulture Conservation on 5th September 2020 targeting students, veterinary professionals and general public. Three experts will speak about Status of Vultures in India, Kerala and the role of NSAIDs in vulture conservation.

Independent International Zoo Consultants, International – Promotion on Facebook.

Indian Biodiversity Conservation Society, India – Awareness through Social Media. Various activities (Quiz, Pebble art, Book marks) for wildlife enthusiasts and students.

Inibioma (Conicet-Uncoma), Argentina – Online talks by specialists working on Andean condors, Black vultures and Turkey vultures in Argentina. From 16:00 Argentina time on our Facebook page.

Iragukal Amirtha Nature Trust, India – Due to corona we conducting online vulture awareness webinar this year.

Jardin des hiboux, Belgium – The first weekend of September: shows, activities, coloring, face painting, and games.

Karnataka Vulture Conservation Trust, India – Bird watching, Nature walking, Visit Ramanagara Ramdevara Betta Vulture Sanctuary.

Kartong Bird observatory, The Gambia – Vulture survey by our research team. Counting and hopefully finding some of our tagged birds.

KGDM College Niphad District Nashik Maharashtra, India – International vulture conservation Program and workshop on awareness rising to conserve vultures by Famous bird conservator Anil Mali.

Knowsley Safari Park (Gauntlet birds of prey) – Flying demonstrations, vulture centric talks.

Landgoed Hoenderdaell, the Netherlands – All weekend there will be extra activities at Hoenderdaell. there will be an information booth, extra guided tours, showing of videos, scavenger hunts, a raffle, an auction and much more. All the money we collect will be donated to the SAFE vulture project.

Lebanese Wildlife, Lebanon – Educational visuals on all our social media platforms.

Lion Landscapes, Kenya – Social media quiz.

Modern Education Society secondary School Cidco Nashik, India – Awareness programme.

Mountaineering Club of Lasithi, Greece – Υoung vulture release at Lasithi Plateau Creta , protected area Natura 2000. Organized by Eos Lasithiou- Mountaineering Club of Lasithi , Natural History Museum of Crete , ANIMA Wild Life Conservation Society.

Mountain Zebra Camdeboo Protected Envrionment (MZCPE), South Africa – Vulture Awareness Event together with the Karoo Vulture Safe Zone Project.

Nandankanan Zoological Park, India – Conducting online-Painting competition on 30th August for two groups. Junior group and Senior group. For junior group the theme is Save Vulture Save Nature and for senior group theme is Why Vulture matters?? The results will be declared on 5th September and the same day an open on-line quiz will be conduct. For participation please visit our web page on 5th September at 10.00am. E-certificate will be provided to all participants.

Nature Conservation Foundation, India – Online quiz in Instagram stories on Saturday, talk about vulture conservation on Friday, 5 PM IST.

Nature Education and Service Society, Baran (Rajasthan), India – International online “Quiz” and Scientific discusion on Zoom in organised by Soiety for Conservation of Historical and Ecological Resources, Kota (Rajasthan) in joint collaboration with Forest Deapartment (Wildlife) Kota and Nature Eductaion and Service Society, Baran (Rajasthan).

Nature Environment & Wildlife Society, India – Organize awareness Programme at village Kosala Kansanali, Angul, Odisha. We will focus on ecological importance of vulture. Population status of the species. Causes of declined the population and conservation strategies, plan and action. Role of local people on conservation. Due to Covid -19 , we will be organized small meeting with selected village potential leaders.

Nature Kenya, Kenya – Nature Kenya will conduct awareness creation on the negative impacts of wildlife poisoning in the Kenyan Southern rangelands (Ilmarba Village, Kajiado County and Ilturisho Village, Narok County) through 2 barazzas. Each of these villages have reported wildlife poisoning more than once and vultures were affected. Nature Kenya will also participate in the national celebrations organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife in Hells Gate National Park.

Novi Val, Bosnia and Herzegovina – Releasing a rescued Griffon Vulture back into the wild in Blagaj.

Ohio Wildlife Center, USA – Featured article on our website and social media posts about International Vulture Awareness Day focusing on two species found in Ohio – turkey vulture and black vulture.

Ornithological Society “Naše ptice”, Bosnia and Herzegovina  – We will have a public event where we will distribute the materials about the problems vultures (birds face (poisoning, poaching, electrocutions). A young rock band will perform a song “Love for birds” which speaks about those problems. We will also have a direct video link to Blagaj (a small city in the south) where an organization we cooperate with will release the recovered Griffon Vulture back into the wilderness.

Parco Natura Viva Garda Zoological Park, Italy – We have planned a treasure hunt for our public. In the game are included some species of the park, not only vultures: however we give them a special place in the game. No other activities are planned at the Park cause of Covid-19 emergency: in our website we have created a page about IVAD, using also some contents of the scavenger hunt of the Vulture Conservation Foundation.

Peregrine Fund, USA – Tune into three virtual events and support vulture conservation: Thurs, 3 September – Facebook Live with Lucy the Turkey Vulture at 11:30 (MST); Sun, 6 Sept – Feeding and Enrichment with California Condor Propagation Specialists also on Peregrine Fund’s FB page; Sat, 26 Sept – Annual Condor Release at Vermilion Cliffs live stream on YouTube at 12:00 Noon (MST).

Pokhara Bird Society, Nepal – Vulture monitoring in Pokhara Valley, awareness campaigns for local people, vulture photo exhibition, drawing and poem competition based on vulture diversity for school level students and hike for vulture for tourism stakeholders.

Raptors Botswana, Botswana – We will be through social media be highlighting the Cape Vultures at Moremi Gorge, Tswapong Hills as well as doing some radio work with other groups in Botswana involved in vulture conservation.

The Raptor Foundation, UK – Designated talks with vulture boards and flying displays.

Riserva Naturale regionale del Lago di Cornino, Italy – Public awareness and conferences on project results and vulture issues. Guided tours for the public. Demonstration on the equipment used in the project (webcam, GPS telemetry). Release of a young Griffon Vulture recovered in the river Tagliamento.

Sahara Conservation Fund, Niger – Social media posts raising awareness on the Egyptian vulture.

Santa Barbara Zoo, USA – Though we will not host our usual in-person awareness event this year due to COVID-19, we will be sharing vulture messaging on Zoo grounds and social media platforms. We are celebrating IVAD this year through a combination of an online awareness campaign and additional signs throughout our Zoo highlighting the African Vulture Crisis and the AZA African Vulture SAFE program, there will be special emphasis of these signs on our train rides which will include IVAD awareness talks. Due to the Sars-CoV-2 outbreak, we will not host our usual booths, keeper talks, and events but we will host additional signs and train talks throughout the first weekend in September.

SAVE / RSPB – Webinars for Bird Conservation Nepal, University of Lucknow india/IUCN-Bangladesh Forest Department, Bangladesh including Panel discussion with Bangladesh Minsiter of Forests.

Seth GB Podar College, Nawalgarh & Save vulture community, Bikaner, India – Webinar on vulture conservation.

Society for Conservation of Historical and Ecological Resources, Kota (Rajasthan), India – International online “Quiz” and Scientific discusion on Zoom in organised by Soiety for Conservation of Historical and Ecological Resources, Kota (Rajasthan) in joint collaboration with Forest Deapartment (Wildlife) Kota and Nature Eductaion and Service Society, Baran (Rajasthan).

Society for the Protection of Nature, Lebanon – Awareness session for all participants, EV project introduction, hike through the hima by community members.

Still Seeing the World, UK – 10% off vulture photographic prints. A portion of sales will also be donated to a charity helping vulture conservation.

St Louis Zoo, USA – We plan to keep the party alive virtually with posts on various social media platforms highlighting vultures and their significance to our planet. Due to the COVID-19 virus, all in-person awareness days have been cancelled.

Tata Steel, India – Organizing awareness session on Importance of Vulture Conservation.

Tracey Aviary, USA – On grounds we’ll be hosting Keeper Talks featuring our Andean Condor, Black Vultures, and King Vultures, as well as vulture-themed bird shows. You can also connect with the aviary virtually on our website, where we will be posting a variety of print-at-home activities and resources.

Tungwah Wenzel International School, China – Research and activities relating to vulture culture, biology and conservation.

Tunisia Wildlife Conservation Society, Tunisia – Because of Covid-19 most of our activity will virtual on the net.

University of Lucknow, India

Uttarakhand Biodiversity Board, India – Educational awareness in schools.

Ventana Wildlife Society, USA – Aug 27-Sept 5 Online Auction Event; Aug 27, 4:00PM (PT) Monthly Condor Zoom-Chat with Mike Stake covering Vultures of the World; Sept 5, 4:00PM (PT) Live Zoom Feathers Event with Mike Clark at the LA Zoo where he will be with a King Vulture named Cacique and a California Condor named Dolly!

Ventures Beyond LLC – Discovery Education Station, USA – Education, videos, coloring pages, scavenger hunt and more.

Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust, Zimbabwe – Live interaction and awareness with vulture ambassador.

Vulture Conservation Foundation (VCF), Europe – The VCF organized various activities this IVAD suitable for both adults and children, including: Virtual Vulture Trivia Quiz on 5 September at 5 pm BST; The Vulture Scavenger Hunt — an educational activity for children that can be easily adapted and carried out in several settings; Infographics about each European vulture species that will be published on social media each day in the run-up to IVAD.

Wild-CER, India – Organize a webinar on ‘Status of Vulture conservation in Central India’.

Wildlife Heritage Conservation Society, India – Online drawing competition on Vulture picture painting.

Worlds Working Group on Birds of Prey (WWGBP), Germany – Continue study of Egyptian Vulture in Oman, and many other activities on other raptor species.

Youth Club New Wave, Bosnia and Herzegovina – 5.9.2020 at 12:15 from Kurbanište ”Across from Vrela Bune to be released in Blagaj. This event will be followed on the Facebook page of the Eco Center Blagaj, which will broadcast live the release of the bird into the wild.

Zoological Garden of Zagreb, Croatia – Educational game for zoo visitors about vulture species of the world – all participants will learn about species, their distribution and threats. Art workshop – hand crafting of necklaces which resemble vulture neck.

ZooMontana, USA – Facebook Live program with our ambassador Turkey Vultures, social media post about #IVAD2020, and Birdorable coloring sheets offered at check in.

Zoo Praha, Czech Republic – Prague Zoo will celebrate the International Vulture Awareness Day by preparing an educational and entertaining program, that will take place around the aviaries with vultures and condors. The visitors will be enlightened on important topics such as biology, ecology and the reasons for vultures being endangered. Also, the Egyptian Vulture Conservation Project will be presented. There will also be a very popular commentary with feeding of vultures and condors.

ZSL London Zoo, UK – Raising awareness about Vulture adaptations and conservation by engaging with the public. We will have a marquee set up with the most up to date information, posters and stickers for the visitors. Due to Covid-19 restrictions we are having to limit our interactions but a public feed will still take place with our Rueppell’s Griffon Vultures.