Who is celebrating International Vulture Awareness Day?

Below are all the organisations who have registered through this website to let people know that they will be celebrating vultures this International Vulture Awareness Day on Saturday 7 September 2019.

Academie du Faucconrie du Grand Parc Puy du Fou, France – Vulture awareness activities, wristband sales, teenager training workshops.

American Eagle Foundation, USA – A Vulture Live show at Dollywood’s Wings of America theater located at Dollywood Theme Park in Pigeon Forge, TN along with an educational presentation themed around the Asian and African Vulture Crisis.

Buseu Project, Spain – Putting food for all species of vultures, enjoying and explaining the Buseu Project.

Fontanelle Forest, USA – Live Turkey Vulture in the nature center to meet, photograph, and learn from with its handler. Turkey Vulture crafts and activities. Our famous Turkey Vulture, Helios, will get a special treat in our refuge.

Fresno Chaffee Zoo, USA – Vulture plushies for adoption, information booth set up in front of Condor/Eagle exhibits, facebook and television spot with a carcass feeding. Keepers will also give extra talks on vulture awareness.

Friends of Blouberg, South Africa – Treasure hunt, animal identification, informational speech. Barbeque and FUN day.

Grefa – Monachus Project, Spain – On August 31, from 9:00 a.m. until 00:00, we will tag 12 black vultures with GPS (open), wing discolorations and we will do guided tours to the vultures aclimatisation cage. In the village that hosts the reintroduction project, there will be children’s workshops, ringing of passerine birds, musical parades, talks, a dinner and raffles. People will have the opportunity to observe the vultures in a feeding place. All to raise awareness about vultures and their role in the ecosystems.

Hawk Conservancy Trust, United Kingdom – At the Hawk Conservancy Trust, every day is vulture awareness day. If you would like to celebrate these incredible birds on IVAD, join the Trust to learn more about them with talks, activities and flying demonstrations throughout the day. Plus, you can meet a vulture!

Hazi Foundation, Spain – Technical workshop on coexistence between vultures and livestock. In the framework of POCTEFA Ecogyp, a project participated by relevant partners from both the Spanish and French sides of the Pyrenees, including regional governments and NGOs.

Migratory Soaring Bird Conservation, Egypt – Stakeholders awareness workshop and vulture watching activity.

Nandankanan Zoological Park, India – Conservation breeding of Long-billed Vultures and release into their natural habitat.

North Carolina Zoo, USA – We celebrated vultures as part of our Saving Species Across Africa day in September. Activities included learning how vultures digest their food, a vulture scavenger hunt, crafts, and other activities to learn about the work the zoo does to save vultures in the wild.

Ouwehand Zoo, The Netherlands – We plan to have all kinds of activities to increase knowledge and awareness about vultures in general and the Black Vulture specifically.

Peace Valley Nature Centre, USA – A walk to see vultures soaring and perhaps feeding, vulture food toss, toss the bean bag animals to the vulture (like corn hole game), vulture costume to try on, free buttons – Look Alive!

Prague Zoo, Czech Republic – Information about vulture conservation and reintroduction projects, causes of population decline, conservation research game – using paper cards with vultures images – based on the respondents’ preferences (evaluation of most popular vulture), educational workshops and children’s games and activities, special talks with feeding demonstrations.

Raptors Botswana, Botswana – An awareness match and speeches from national leaders.

Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center, USA – Guided tours of the Shaver’s Creek Raptor Center with focus on Black & Turkey Vultures. Biofacts and activities for families.SEO–Virot, Mallorca, Spain – Come to watch Grifon & black vultures with the new BirdLife local goup “Virot”.

Thirsk Bird of Prey Centre, UK – We are planning on running our Vulture Day with a twist.
On The Day: Vulture Encounter – Black Vulture and Palm Nut Vulture, three flying displays including African Flying Display, Vulture Feed, and Meet the Vet – Peter Wright from The Yorkshire Vet will popping in as well.

Ventana Wildlife Society, USA – California Condor Day – Come and visit our beautiful new exhibit, highlighting species recovery and the Big Sur region. Enjoy program presentations, bird walks, youth activities, snacks/beverages, and sign up for one of two special 2-hour condor tours offered.

Volerie de Forez, France – Several activities and games will be set up, including a conference to raise public awareness. We will collect donations for vulture protection organisations around us.